Last  night was my first ever class at a gym. I saw on the extensive schedule of classes at Phys-Ed that there was a Zumba Gold class.  Zumba Gold is “the same great cardio party as Zumba but we take it down a notch so you can learn the steps a little easier!”  Sounds like a beginner Zumba class, right?   I committed myself to going, and set off to the 5:30 class.

I gotta say that going to a class at a gym was very imitating to me.  I was scared or so many things: I’d not be able to keep up, that I’d look stupid, that people would be WATCING me look stupid, and  that I’d make a fool out of myself.   I worried that the class would be filled with skinny, snotty women who would be judging me the whole time.  I was literally trembling when I got to the gym, but I had made a commitment to myself to DO THIS THING, so I was going in.

Boy, was I wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG!    I had SO much fun!   When I first walked in, I confided that I was a bit nervous, and the other ladies encouraged me and were quick to tell me how much fun it was, and to just take it at my own pace. Then Virginia, the instructor came in, and I knew I was in for a good time- just looking at her multicolored striped socks let me know she was FUN!   She noticed right away I was new (Could it have been my sweating- not from exercise but from nerves??) and she gave me a few pointers to make the class easier for me.  I took my place  (HORRORS!  I wasn’t able to get a spot, in the back, preferably behind a pole) and the music started.

I missed all kinds of steps, I got confused and stopped a few time, looking around like WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, then it clicked and I was doing it! Not perfectly, and not really the right steps, but I was in the Zumba groove and  I did it!  They may have gone right when I went left, but I figured that as long as my feet were moving, I was good. I forgot to be nervous, and just did it. And I had FUN!   I was sweating my butt off, having a great time!

And for all those worries I had about the class? Completely unfounded. Like everything else I have experienced at Phys-Ed, it was only warm, caring, supportive. I didn’t feel self conscience at all, not even when I stopped in the middle of a dance for some water and to wipe my sweaty face.

Even though I wasn’t perfect,  I can’t WAIT for next week to do it again!

I do have one regret- I wish I had remembered to put on my  new heart rate monitor to see what I had worked off!

Zumba Gold is on Thursdays in September from 5;30 – 6:15 at Phys-Ed.   Come check it out with me!

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