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Today was going to be a post about me, and how I’m rocking out to my weight loss plans and working hard, and I am. But that’s NOT what I’m writing about today.

Today I’m writing about  something that really, REALLY upset me this morning.   Each morning I have a cup of coffee and check all my social media- twitter, my blog feeds, and of course, Facebook.  As a good Mama should I stalk check out  my daughters Facebook wall to make sure there are no freaky things happening.   What I read this morning both broke my heart and made me proud. “

Alright so i have something to say.
I may not be super skinny, but i can do A LOT. More than some skinny people actually. Just because i am bigger than you does NOT mean your better than me, Or have a right to talk about me or my body. I may not look like the other girls, but that’s a good thing sometimes. I may not be beautiful, but God made me as he wanted me to be. Don’t like it? Sorry, sucks for you. I like how i am, and I don’t change for anyone, except myself.


You know that sinking heart, suddenly cold feeling that you get when something just shatters you? That’s what I got,. That white hot Mama Rage that someone, some unthinking (or even worse, thinking) person made some kind of comment to my beautiful daughter that made her react in such a public manner.

allybdaycdI HATE that she thinks she is anything other than BEAUTIFUL, for she is. She is a completely amazing young woman. My daughter is beautiful, inside and out. She has more wisdom at 13 than a lot of adults that I know. She inspires me, she motivates me, and I couldn’t be prouder of her.   She  has made so many accomplishments in her short life that many adults haven’t, but  one stupid stinking person only saw her size and made her feel NOT BEAUTIFUL.

Judging my the timing of her post, someone made this comment  yesterday evening.  I wondered why she was so sad, when she should have been super happy and proud. Ally is a competitive Cheerleader.  She is an IMPORTANT part of her team, and  she can do some amazing things.   She and her team  worked really hard last year, and they placed 1st in every competition they were in. They performed at the ESPN Arena in Orlando and place 3rd in the Nation last year.  Yesterday was this years first competition, and again they took first place.  She should have been ecstatic,   but she wasn’t.  I put it down to her being tired after a weekend of sleepovers, and  cheer stuff.  But what if it was from some idiots stupid comment?    I could go on and on but instead I’m going to TRY and and focus on some of the AWESOMENESS of her comment.  I love how she sticks up for herself, and basically tells them to bugger off.

Today I was asked a question:  What parts of your body are you especially proud of right now? What makes you love them?

I am in love with my flabby, saggy, stretch-marked tummy.  I love that it is shrinking (over 6 inches in 4 weeks) but I love even more that it  will always remind me of my children, and the amazingness of having them.  This sums it up:




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