Wubble, Wubble Wubble Fun!

Is it a ball?  Is it a balloon?  Is it a bubble?   It’s ALL 3!

We had a chance to play with both the Wubble Ball, and the  GloWubble, a glow in the dark version.  Both of them had us laughing! During  a home school, we had a bunch of teen over for an hang out. I gave the boxes to them and let them figure it out.  It’s that easy!




The GloWubble  was first.   Setting it up took about  2 minutes, after putting in the 4 D batteries (not included) The thing to know is to use the petroleum jelly to  get the nozzle in all the way to inflate the balls.   I think it must have been pretty easy, because pretty soon I heard lots of squeals and laughing! This thing was huge!  The kids were batting the GloWubble around like crazy!  We were sad because it was raining out- otherwise there was talk of a nighttime ball games outside. They took it into the basement rec room and batted it around in the dark and said it was very cool!  It didn’t seem like the sturdiest of things, but it held up to the group playing with it HARD.




The Wubble X was even cooler, in my opinion.  It defies GRAVITY!   This kit comes with helium canisters that you use to fill the balls. (Don’t forget to use the petroleum jelly to help with the fill wand) The WubbleX’s are smaller than the GloWubble, but  that’s perfect because these babies FLOAT!  Not as much as helium balloon, but  I was laughing at the kids trying to hit this one around.    We have cathedral ceilings in our main room, and they would POP the balls to the top of the room, and it was great because they wouldn’t get stuck there!  Everyone LOVED the WubbleX- sadly, even the cat, who thought it was his toy and he POUNCED on it. He was certainly perplexed when it deflated after he punctured it.  They are pretty much one time only toys, but so much fun!

What We Think

The general consensus was that  it was a lot of fun! You have to remember that they can be more fragile than a rubber ball, but they are also a lot more entertaining.   I liked that they teens spent quite a while playing with them – it even kept the older kids occupied!  I plan on putting another set in my son’s stocking- he really loved them!

You can get them on  the Wubble Website, Target, and Toys R Us.

I was compensated for my honest opinion about this fantastic toy! And my honest opinion is that it’s loads of fun!

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