Woman on the Move

I needed to kick myself to get going again- so I just did it. I became a woman on the move.


I am overwhelmed  with all the craziness in my life right now.  Yesterday’s turmoil included my in-laws  failing health and their increase in care, a sick dog, a sick kid (my daughter’s IBD is acting up) cleaning out and organizing my house in case my in-laws move in with us, school work (damn common core), a Boy Scout dinner on Saturday,  my husband’s pending cardiologist appointment,  and just a TON of stuff falling down around my head. I wanted to make an  apple cake and a baked ziti and open a big bottle of red wine and just sit down and have a nice, big cry.  I thought about it. mmmmm.. Apple cake.

Instead, I shot off a text to my friend Frannie and told her I needed a walk.  I met her at her house after the school bus came and we walked over 3 miles.  It felt good to be moving, and it felt GREAT to  vent to her and get advice. I had a big glass of water when I got home. (Not wine.) I was sore and my hips hurt, but I popped an Advil and kept on trucking.

As the night fell I was bombarded with more crap. Isn’t that always the way?  I tried helping my husband deal with things via telephone while he was at his parents helping them.  I was overwhelmed with  so much stuff that I want to cry.  So, I sat down with a mug of green tea, cried a little bit, and set up a walking date with another friend for this morning.  Today I met Jane and we knocked out another another 3 miles.  My hips hurt less.  I am feeling calmer.  I am out of the place where only chocolate chip cookies and wine will help.  I had a choice to make and I made it.


I choose to use smarter choices to help me cope with stress.

Exercise instead of eating.  Making healthy food choices.  Choosing to take care of me, instead of being overwhelmed. Yes,  we had pizza for dinner- but I had one slice,  an apple, and water. (and one cookie)

I remember last year when I was “the woman on the move”. I laced up my shoes every day, no matter what, and got out there. I made myself a priority.  I took my healthy lifestyle as a PRIORITY and treated it that way. I used exercise as a stress reducer, not as a stressor.  That was a great place for me to be, and I’ve decided to get myself there again.  I’ll be walking every morning, challenging myself to eat healthy on a budget, go Green (smoothie) and Clean (Food) again, and believe in myself again.

Have you let things overwhelm you and derail you?   What did you do to combat it?

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