What’s New at Lake Compounce

One of our favorite places to go in Connecticut is the Nutmeg State’s own amusement park, Lake Compounce.  Located just over an hour from our house, Lake Compounce was one of our summer go-to staples, but they’ve upped the ante with some really cool additions this year!

Why is Lake Compounce our favorite?


The RIDES!  My kids are 15 and 12. They’re pretty excited about rides and cool things to do, and there are some seriously thrilling rides here.  My son has a  few that he loves : Rev-O-Lution, Zoomerang, and DownTime. but Downtime was his favorite by FAR!

DownTime would give me a heart attack, but my son LOVES it!

Of course, we also had to make a stop at the Pirate Ship, and the bumper cars, because WHO doesn’t like bumper cars?

The park opens at 11, and after hitting these rides, we were a little hungry, so we went looking for  something to eat.  Lake Compounce  has a lot of food options , including the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs!  We ended up at the Croc-Pot,  a cafeteria type restaurant in the middle of the park, and  there I saw that they offered  organic options, as well!   SCORE ONE FOR LAKE COMPOUNCE!


I grabbed an organic yogurt parfait, a smoothie and a granola bar which were all tasty!  They also offered  things like organic chicken nuggets, wraps, burgers and salads. It’s really refreshing to see that they offer so many choices. In fact, while I was reading the online menu, I saw they have allergy and gluten free options as well! They offer offer sugar-free candies and novelties, peanut and tree nut free treats, and ingredient lists available at any food stand upon request. Nothing is fried in peanut oil, and trans fat- free oil is used park wide.  That, to me, seems to be pretty committed to their park guest!

In addition to fun rides, Lake Compounce also has one of the largest water park in New England!  We didn’t have a chance to visits the waters parks this trip, but we plan to go back SOON. They just installed a HUGE wave pool in addition to all the other wet fun they offer.  We’re looking forward to exploring it!  One think that makes me REALLY happy is the cabanas. I love to play in the water, but I definitely need a place to sit, catch my breath, and  get out of the sun.  I hope to have a cabana for our water fun!

AND—AND!  Get this: Lake Compounce now has their own CAMPGROUNDS!- Bear Creek!    You can come stay at the Lake and be there from open to closing!  The campgrounds offers sites for hook up your RV and a section to pitch you tent.  In addition, you can rent  a tipi!  How COOL IS THAT?  Hand painted tipis that can sleep up to 6 people, with electrical outlets (for those of us who can’t stand not charging their phones at night!). I love the idea of the tipi so much that my family is going back soon to camp in one!  And for those who prefer “Glamping” there are wonderful cabins that sleep up to 10 with their own bathroom,  kitchen, TV, air conditioning and other comforts of home.   I love that Bear Creek offers  activities as well for kids of all ages, PLUS discount tickets for the park, as well!  It’s a really affordable option for staying at the park.

One great thing about living in Connecticut, nothing is very far away, and Lake Compounce is only about an hour away from our house!  There is a “summer pass holder” deal for only $50 per person, you get access ALL SUMMER LONG to the fun!  Our family is seriously thinking about buying these passes to take advantage of a full summer of fun!


Disclosure:  We were provided passes for entry into the park, and a voucher for a free organic meal. However, we’re visited and paid for the park ourselves many times before- we love it and feel it’s a great value for  fun!  All opinions are my own.

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