Weigh In Today

Today was my first weigh-in  for Phys-Ed’s The Weight is Over Program.   I’ve been busting my butt all week- going to classes, working out on my own, making smart, healthy food choices (friend me on MyFitnessPal – I’m WendyDelmo)  So when today came I knew I was having a weight in and I was excited!  I was hoping for at least a 3 pound weight loss.  I stepped on the scale, and wished I had my glasses so I could read if that number was real.


I may have a super sore butt from Spin class, my muscles may still be trembling from Jaime’s workout,  I am struggling to eat enough, I’m peeing like a darn camel from all the water I’m drinking,  but  I’ll take it all for a loss like that!

Know what I’ve gained?  A TON of faith in myself.


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  1. Andrea Emilien (@AndreaEmilien) September 27, 2011
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