Weekly Cup of Coffee 3

It’s time for another cup of coffee.   I’ve  been so  busy I haven’t had time for a single post, so here’s let’s play catch up! (thanks to Carla for the idea of Cups of Coffee!  She’s awesome and you should check her out!)

Join me…..


We are on our last week of school.  Yes, it’s the last week, finally.  We were SUPPOSED to be out on the 10th. but due to bad weather, and shutdown one day by Homeland Security after Newtown, we have to be at school till the 21st.  I am tired of school . TIRED of it!  My boy and I went back to bed on last Monday and didn’t get up till 10. I let him skip school. I’m just so DONE. Done with bedtimes, making lunches, waking up sleepy kids, homework, school buses, and school. I want to PLAY! I want to catch fireflies and dance in the rain. I want to lose hours with my kids reading books, listening to music and just BEING. I want to go exploring. I want to sit home and do nothing. I want to go to the lake, the pool, the creek, the farm, or no where. I want to check things our summer bucket list.
I need US time. Time when it’s our own little world for a few months and not having to follow anyone’s rules except our family rules. I’m ready for a weeks worth of sleep overs, and 7:30pm dinners and long nights on the town Green eating froyo and just hanging out. I’m looking forward to a trip to my hometown in Texas, if we can swing it, and trips to amusement parks and the lazy peaceful days of summer.
One more week is going to be forever. We’ll muddle through, because of all we have to look forward to. Summer IS coming.  5 more days.

I love love LOVE my rural Connecticut town, but there is not much diversity.   I miss the rich culture of our old town.  We went back last week to attend a Quinceanera.  This was an authentic Mexican Quince- and boy, it was FABULOUS.  I bawled my eyes out at the  ceremony where they presented her with her last doll- signifying the end of childhood (SOB!) and then Cielo’s parents switched out her flats to heels, signifying her  growth from a girl to a young lady.  My whole table  laughed at me for weeping, but it was so beautiful. From her gown, to the pageantry (she has a COURT and a CROWN and was honestly a PRINCESS for a day) it was wonderful. Did I mention there was a mariachi band?  And real, homemade Mama cooked Mexican food with TAMALES?


I discovered my gringa HIPS can  move to Mexican music!


Dancing with a balloon makes it so much more fun!

We missed Relay for Life in our town, which made me really sad, because we’ve taken part of it for YEARS and I am always choked up and  excited to walk as a Survivor.  We were lucky enough to stop in and take part of the  lumaria ceremony at the Relay in Port Chester.  No matter where you are, Relay for life is an amazing experience.


We have 4 grocery stores in our town.  A Stop and Shop, and Aldi’s, a small local market, and a Big Y.  I tend to head to Big Y a lot because it’s closer  to my house (relatively speaking, its about 10 miles).  I LOVE the customer service at Big Y- it is second to none. They keep a staff of nutritionist and dietitians on board and call it Living Well and Eating Smart–  to support their customers. I tweeted them a few times with some questions about  going gluten free and lactose free, and get this- their nutritionist is meeting us this week at our local store tour the store with us and head us in the right directions.  I know, right?  My grocery store is sending me help to learn how to change our diets to support our daughter.    I’m so impressed already- come back and see how  it was!

I’m picking up some foster kittens today.  3 of them. Aedan is beyond himself excited.  These little ones are about 4 weeks old so they are eating food, thank goodness, No bottle feeding!  They are just really skittish, so they need lots of handing and socialization.  We’ve been doing foster care for  over 20 years, and it’s a way of life for our family.  Anyone want a kitten?

My daughter and are going to be starting a “get healthy summer” challenge next week. (actually the whole family is)  THIS IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT. It’s about being healthier to help her with her illnesses. (IBD and Functional Abdominal Pain, along with chronic Lyme)  She and are are going to be each other cheerleaders and support for 8 weeks of healthy living and exercise.  I belong to the BEST GYM EVER and I’m  signing my girl up for the kids summer membership.   I’m really happy to be working with her.   And glad we’ll be at Phys-Ed together!  I’m also hoping to get my hands on 2 more Fitbits, or good pedometers so we can track out steps as a family.  Anyone have one looking for a home?

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So, how have you been?  What are you up to?  I want to hear!  Do you have a summer bucket list?  We’re posting ours this week!  Tell me what’s on yours!

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