Wednesday Weigh In

It’s that time!  Time for Wednesday Weight in and to take a look at what the scales says this week .

First- I want to say that I use weekly Wednesday weigh ins  simply as a way to track my progress.  I’m not going to be devastated by a week of staying the same, or even if  *gasp* I gain a little one week . I’m not going to let this number define me.    Weight fluctuates, and  so many things can cause changes.  Salt, water weight, that TOM (Time of Month) and muscle weight all have a huge bearing on  what’s going on.  Yes, not eating well and not exercising  are going to cause those numbers to go up as well, but this is a LONG TERM JOURNEY for me.  I’m looking for ideally a 1 – 1.5 pound weight loss a week.  I know there will be  weeks that I lose more, but there will also be  weeks where I don’t lose at all.  I know that trying to be a BADASS all the time doesn’t work for me- but slow and steady wins the race!    I’m here for LIFE- and life if for living- not go through begrudgingly and grumpy about things I think I can’t have or do.

Here’s where I’m at!


Even more, I’m proud of the healthy changes we are making again in our family- to evening walk to clean eating again!  We are working our way to Gluten free eating for a bit to see if some of us have a gluten intolerance.   We’ve slid a bit when it came to drinking  sugary drinks so we are back to water only.   I’ve started a Facebook Support Group where people can go for  support and encouragement and I’m getting SO much inspiration from these ladies!


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