We the Kings at Macy’s

When we heard that We The Kings were going to be singing a private concert at Macy’s we jumped in the car and took a trip! I’m so glad we did….they not only rocked out the Juniors department, they THRILLED so many people! The entire FLOOR was singing along!

We The Kings–Macy’s Farmington CT

I know that Macy’s has stylish clothing, but I was happy to see that the band was wearing clothing from their guy line- and they were cool!  My son said he would be happy to wear those clothes!

He chose a few favorites! (all are available at Macys.com)



He’s already added  quite a few things to his Christmas List looking through the website!

The Juniors Department has a lot of really cool clothes as well.  It seemed to me that the hundreds of teens there were well represented  in the cool clothes category at Macy’s!


Thank you to my friend, Bonnie Dingus of HomePlace Blogger for sharing her photos with me when my camera battery died. (!!!)

Macy’s has really impressed me with the different things that they offer to the whole family!  I really enjoyed the concerts and watching the kids react to them, too (How did I get so old?)

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