The Waiting Is Over

Ever notice that you can get stuck in a rut, and there you sit, spinning your wheels when you really want to go forward?  That’s where I’ve been, with writing on all of my blogs lately. My wheels were spinning but nothing was happening!

You see, I wrote, which focused on bullying and how to help end it. It is a VERY important topic to me as you know we nearly lost our daughter to bullying.  I also wrote my original blog, which focused on my weight loss and healthy living journey. That too, is important to me because I found so much support and community from my weight loss friends.    But what was happening was that I wasn’t writing much of anything because what I wanted to say wasn’t fitting into the  molds I had cast for myself.  I’d grown as a person in the past few years, yet my blogs hadn’t grown with me.

So I’m breaking the mold and I’ve decided to revamp the ways I do things. I merged TheAnti-BullyMom  and Weightsover together to become a brand new blog:

Untitled design (1)

have become


No more waiting to write until I could write about weight loss, or a specific bullying problem. Yes, I’ll still be writing about them, but I’m taking the time to share a lot of things that also mean something to me: my family, my life, more recipes, traveling, and even though there isn’t a tab for it, you’ll be hearing about my love for The Walking Dead, too.  (Because, seriously, Daryl)

I hope you’ll stay around and get to know the multi-facted me – the whole me.  Because the time for waiting is over- it’s time to move on!


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