Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

It seems like I spend all my time waiting…  for the perfect moment.   I waited for the kids to get older, to get a new couch, for my hair to grow out, to lose weight, for life to get perfect before I celebrate.  The thing is, life is  never going to be perfect.  There is never going to be a perfect moment, and sometimes, time stops.  I learned that lesson this year when my step-Mama, Debbie, died unexpectedly in her sleep.   While I was with my Dad helping him deal with her passing,  I noticed a lot of beautiful things  that she had, waiting for the perfect time to be used. So much wasted…..

I decided this year not  wait for  life to be perfect, but to embrace life RIGHT NOW.  The holidays are coming up and usually I am rushing about making things perfect for everyone, but this year, I m dialing things down to what is really important to us.  For instance,  I used t put up 3 Christmas trees, a Christmas Village, and  tons of decorations.   I was so busy running around making things perfect for everyone else that I was miserable.  This year, I decided that I was going to slow down. We’re going to have one tree, and no village, but we will have the Nutcracker collection and mistletoe. I want to show my kids that while the holidays ARE special, they should be special for all of us.

There’s this thing that I  have been wanting to do for a long time.  I’ve been promising myself for years that I was going to wear a super special dress for a holiday party.  I had an idea of what I’d like to  wear but there was always something I was waiting for- but I’m not waiting this year.  I have no idea of where the part is going to be, but I’m going to be here, and I’ll be wearing this dress from PromGirl.

The Perfect Dress


I love everything about  this dress- the color, the lace, the sequins. I love that it comes in my size- you’d be surprised how many times I have done to look for a fun dress to wear somewhere and all I could find as old lady dresses. News flash- just because people wear plus size doesn’t mean they have to dress like old people.   I’m 47 and I’m all about this dress. Its fun, its fancy, and it reminds me that life if GOOD.

In fact, if I don’t find a place to wear this dress,  I just might have a party myself. In my non-Pinterest perfect decorated house. I’ll make it a potluck, ask people to bring a favorite  appetizer and drink. and dress up.   Many of us are waiting for the perfect moment, when what we need to embrace is making our OWN perfect moments!



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