The “Resolution”

How many of us make a New Years Resolution?  Starting January 1st,  I will______ and  by February 1st, you’re feeling terrible that it hasn’t happened?   I know I have, at least 20 times.  And I figured out WHY I normally failed. I would make a Resolution to lose 60 40 30 20 pounds-  and go at it all gung-ho- sweeping the house of all remotely “bad” foods- and sweating up a storm with exercise that I had no business of trying, and then burn out very quickly, then eat/lay around even more because dammit, I failed, I can’t DO this,  I’m doomed to stay fat and unhealthy so I may as well just learn to be ok with it.

Know what?  It was a total lie to myself. I am NOT OK with it, I am NOT DOOMED with being fat and unhealthy,  I am NOT a Failure,and yes, I CAN DO THIS.

I just have to do it smarter.

I’ve learned since March that I need to take smaller, healthier steps to make changes that I can stick with. In fact, I took part in a “Small Changes”   challenge at You, Me,Health  on another blog I write.  On it I write “I discovered a real truth in trying to help my family get healthy. It’s NOT about the HUGE GRAND GESTURES. It’s ALL about the small ones.”

I have also discovered that no matter how much I * think* I can do this on my own, I can’t.  I’ve been trying it MY way for about 25 years, and it’s not working. I need some help.  I began looking for a program I thought might help me, and I think I found it,. A sparkling new gym in my town-Phys-Ed – and a trainer I think I can believe in. After having a few conversations with him, it’s clear he believes in his program, and that I can do it.   I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I decided to DO IT and make the commitment to myself.   I’m starting with baby step. I’ve been going to the gym  and starting slow.  In fact, just today I went to the gym and put in  20 minutes on the treadmill, and 5 minutes on the  elliptical. and tomorrow I will go again, and do the same thing, but maybe a minute more.  I’ll will get myself a tiny bit stronger day by day.  And just like that, with the help if Jim,  I will actually make and keep a resolution this year.

I resolve to lose 25 pounds before Christmas.

There, I’ve said it, and I’ll do it.

What are your goals to meet before the Holidays?  What can you do to achieve them?

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