Soaring to the New England Air Museum

Connecticut might be a small state, but it is very full of exciting things to do! June 14th was Connecticut Open House Day, and I had a chance to visit a few wonderful places with a group of bloggers and some friends from The Department  of Tourism. Our first stop was the New England Air Museum.


We were Cheryl of and her family,  Elise from Connecticut Working Moms   and her family, and my family!  (, and  plus Libby from Connecticut Tourism and the fabulous AL – he’s the VOICE behind 1-800- Connecticut. No, seriously, have a question about Connecticut? Ask Al.  Visit for cool stuff to do in Connecticut.

We had 2 stops, and the first one was SO MUCH FUN! We took a tour of The New England Air Museum


What a great trip!   I have always been intrigued by aircraft, and in this museum there are plenty to see.  However, the STORIES behind the aircraft made the trip!  Our fantastic tour guide, Ken, knew all the details and more.



Did you know the spacesuits that were on the Apollo mission were made in Connecticut? Also, before they started making helicopters, Sikorsky made planes that could land in water, like seaplanes and bi-planes.


There are also so many other interesting planes to see! But one of my sons FAVORITE things was the flight simulator.  He LOVED that thing and really enjoyed trying to fly!

Flight Simulators are like video games!

We really enjoyed checking out the 58th Bomb Wing Memorial.  The 58th Bomb Wing Memorial pays tribute to the thousands of men in the first unit to introduce the Boeing B-29 Superfortress into combat in World War II.  Seeing one of those Superfortress was really eye opening. If you have a chance to go explore the Memorial Wing, you won’t regret it.  There is so much information and memories about our Veterans and their service to our country, and how aviation helped win a war.


We were only at the museum for a few hours, and honestly, I could have spent a few MORE hours there. I know there were a lot of  things I didn’t look at closely enough. I guess that means we need to take another trip back to the museum!  Since everything in Connecticut is only about 2 hours or so away from each other, why not take a ride to Windsor Locks and check it out for yourself?

The New England Air Musuem

36 Perimeter Rd., Bradley Int’l Airport,
Windsor Locks,CT 06096

Open 7 days a week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone (860) 623-3305

Adults 12 & Up $12.00
Children 4-11 $6.50
3 & Under Free
Seniors 65 & Up $11.00

Thanks to Connecticut State Tourism for arranging the bus ride,and lunch. The museum was open to the public for free, and all opinions are my own.


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