Taking on the Hard Stuff

Lately I’ve been trying to  step up and  challenge myself.   2 weeks ago my trainer, Jamie, put my workout partner and I through the hell that is Tabada class.  It was a class I’ve been scared of for like, FOREVER– but once I took it, it wasn’t so scary.  Well, yes, actually, it was, but I CONQUERED it!

Today I went to a Core Values class. 45 agonizingly LONG, HARD BUTT kicking minutes that worked me so hard that I was trembling and my chin wobbled.   I had to stop for a few brakes, but I DID IT!  Not only did I do it, but I did a 1 1/2 minute PLANK!  It was hard, I thought I might throw up or  pass out or something, but I did it!  I’m even more proud because just a few short months ago I wasn’t able to do a 20 second plank.   Why was I able to do it now?


Because I challenge myself.  I push myself in ways I never thought I could. Planks?  Spin?  5k?  A yea ago. heck, 6 months ago,  I would have NEVER thought I’d be doing what I am doing now.

I found that I am  way stronger than I ever thought I was – I just had to believe in myself.


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