Swank on Bank- Clothing for EVERYONE Right in Downtown New Milford

If y’re a curvy girl, like me, nice, fashionable clothing isn’t the easiest thing to find.  Usually  you have to search out a specialty shop because “normal” shops don’t carry clothes to fit.  It’s become so commonplace that  usually I’d just pass by most of the cute little boutiques that I’d see, thinking they’d never having something for me- until I passed by Swank on Bank in New Milford.  They are in the heart of the New Milford downtown, and they have something for EVERYONE.

I met the owner, Lyn Van Buskirk,, as she was arranging clothing on a mannequin outside. I mentioned to her how I loved the cute shirts that were being modeled and lamented that I had no where to go to find such cute clothing. She listened to me and told me that  I would be surprised- to come inside because she was sure there would be something there for me.  When I did visit the store, it was like walking into your favorite stylish friends closet.   She was right!   My new favorite outfit came home with me!

So did my SECOND favorite outfit!

In fact there were quite a few fabulous selections for me to choose.   I’m a size 22 or 2x, and  I tried on a bunch of things,  There was only ONE shirt I didn’t care for the rest I LOVED!  To be honest, I didn’t try on any bottoms, but  I knew I could easily  pull together  a months worth of outfits just with a few key pieces.   Add a few accessories and you can change things up a bunch!  And boy, does Swank on Bank have accessories!


There is FAR more than this, plus a lovely assortment of hats, gloves, scarves and  bags!

The best part, to me, of Swank on Bank is the comfortable feeling you get walking in. Even if it’s your first time coming in, you feel like you’re visiting old friends.   This little jewel in the heart of New Milford downtown truly does have something for everyone.

Just now, for the Holiday Season, there is a $250 gift certificate giveaway happening at the store!  Pop in and fill out a form – the giveaway ends December 22nd

You can visit Swank on Bank at 16 Bank Street, New Milford.  You should DEFINITELY join their  Facebook page to see all the wonderful clothing they get in. Your next favorite outfit is there!

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