Summer Slimdown?

A rational mind would say that summer is the PERFECT time to lose weight and get fit.  The weather is usually nice, the fresh foods are abundant, and  the days are longer so there is more time to get workouts done.

Yeah, not so much.

I never said I was very rational.  Summer for me is often  just a big ’ol  ball of craziness- running all over the place with kids, without kids and  the time I put aside for working out pushed aside for ONE MORE DIVE off the diving board, or another trip to an amusement park or even getting my butt kicked by Aedan at some crazy Egyptian card game he learned at day camp.  It’s SO hard for me to get up and ready for the gym when I honestly want to be prepping to spend time with my kids. If I get all my housework done (HA!  that’s a laugh) it’s easier to be at the pool after camp.  If the laundry is done, there is time  for Movie Night.   Eating well?  Well, for the most part Clean Eating is ingrained in us, so it’s pretty easy to do. There are lots of wonderful fresh foods at our local farmers market as well. But there are meet ups at the ice cream stand (yup, get a small!) and DAMN THOSE MARGARITAS!

This week is  serious insanity-  my Dad is coming to visit us, and I haven’t seen him since I was 18.  I’ve been obsessively cleaning while all at the same time preparing for BlogHer– a conference in NYC that I am so excited about attending. But, get this now so you can freak out with me– MY DAD IS ARRIVNIG THE SAME DAY I GET HOME FROM THE CONFERENCE- and he might even get here before me.


So when I leave everything has to be perfect and  apparently shoes count at BlogHer and I’m second guessing my  plan to wear capris and  my sponsor tee everywhere and might toss a dress in a bag to change into.  I may or may not have sparkly shoes for SparkleCorn.

AND  I found out that I get to go to a workout with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.full_12daysOMG! Seriously?  So as excited about that I am, I’m even more freaked that I’m gonna be all sweaty and stinky after the workout and then I have to meet 4500 other bloggers and brands and well.

I think I need a margarita.

So trying on clothes (shopping from my closet YAY!) I was sure I’d put on a few sizes from the lack of commitment on my part to my weight  loss journey this past week month, I had a shock.   My size 18 still fit. (but they are tight!)  My size 22’s still fell off.   I somehow kept it off?  What the HELL happened?  Did I discover some super special kind of weight loss amazingness that I didn’t REALIZE was amazing?  Nope.   Here’s what I did.  I did what had become habit to me.

  • No soda.
  • Load up my plate with fruits and veggies.
  • Park far away.
  • Make many trips
  • Water, water water.
  • Dance during commercial.
  • POWER CLEAN the house.
  • Hike for fun
  • making our own frozen yogurt
  • basketball tournaments
  • frisbee
  • checked in with my weight loss buddies

It was changing my my lifestyle that is working for me, not “dieting”.  Yes, I could have worked harder and lost more weight, but  I am human and  I do not have to be perfect all the time.  I’ve had an amazing time with my kids, and I have some SUPER amazing stuff coming up!  BlogHer, then visiting with my Dad, then Fitcation and one last perfect week to spend with my kids.

So while I haven’t “slimmed down” even more this summer, I was able to maintain.  I’ll take that  for now, and look forward to a more regularly scheduled program of workouts and classes once school starts!


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