Small Business Saturday

I am doing all I can to support local businesses in the tough  economy.   they are the lifeblood and substance of a  community.  There are so many places that I can do my holiday shopping, but I choose to shop on my own downtown.   In a  nice afternoon of strolling on our Main Streets I found quite a few  wonderful things that  can take care of my Christmas Lists!



This is one of my Son’s favorite stores.  he will spend HOURS in there searching for the perfect toys, game, baseball cars, or just chatting with the owner.  A Gift Certificate will be in his stocking, for sure!



I can (and have) spent hours browsing this wonderful bookstore.  With the ability to have most books delivered the next day,  there is no reason to go anywhere else for my books.


This store is FULL of some of the most stylish looking in New Milford!   After interviewing Robby Laughlin and  Clinton Kelly I recognized many of the hottest trends and looks in this store. I’d highly suggest stopping in and you’ll find something you want, I promise!


This home décor and more) store has some of the most beautiful things in it!   I am lusting after some of the tableware.  I had thought it might be too rich for me, but  GO GO GO!  It’s very affordable and  full of lovely things and good taste!


Spend  15 minutes in this quaint store and you will find  lots of things that you want to gift to yourself.  The cards are hysterical- next tie you need a card, stop in  here!


This is THE PLACE to get all your pet needs.  No bad-for-your-pets-made-in-China treats here!  Plus lots of toys and fun things. This beautiful, well mannered poodle came while I was there and was awarded a treat!


I think these are some of the most unique stores I have ever been in!   PLAY, and it’s offshoot, Daffodil, are so full of fun things that  my head keeps whipping around to see MORE!  Need a joke?  you can go here. A lovely scarf? Funny book? Hanna?  Funny hat?  Stylish hat?   Lunchbox?  Listen,. just trust me. just go..


It’s a kids dream come true.  Classic toys, for boys and girls that will guarantee squeals of delight!  I really want one of the wonderful Advent Calendars- especially the Wooden Soldier one, so no one go buy that one, ok?   It’s mine.   But the others are awesome!

There are so many places that I didn’t’ t have a chance to run in and get photos. But you could  (and should) pop in yourself.   How abut a gift certificate to:

Bank Street Theater:  We have our very own, safe, clean, wonderful theater!   My kids LOVE to go.

Joe’s Hair Salon and Spa: I promise you-  you give someone a gift certificate for a massage at Joes and they will love you forever.  (and I will accept all  ift certificates that need a home.- Somebody tell Dave)

Salsa Restaurant- Margaritas and  homemade salsa.  “nuff said.

Lucia Restaurant, 59 Bank Street, Tivoli, Tasty Waves, Picollini,  Jewelry stores- did you know you can get your own New Milford Gazebo (bandstand)  charm for your Pandora bracelet at Robertson Jewelers?



I read somewhere tha5t when you shop small business, you are not paying for a corporate presidents 3rd home, but a little girls ballet classes,  food for local family,  and you are sustaining local community.   Please take some time to check out the local mom and pop stores in your area.

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