Sharing Thanks With Our Pups!

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Pets are more than just animals in our house- they’re family.  I was really excited when  Walmart offered us us a chance to  use our dog’s favorite treats to show them JUST HOW  thankful we are for them. We have 3 dog and 3 cats, and usually a foster or two hanging out.  We share everything with them, including holidays, but this Thanksgiving we’ll be traveling to my in-laws and the pets are staying behind. We have a wonderful house sitter who really LOVES all our animals, and they love her, too, but we miss our furry friends when a lot when we travel. (plus, I feel guilty, like I left a kid behind.)  I was excited to see some cute ideas on how to celebrate with the animals, even if we won’t be here! Check out the inspiration for our special treats for our pups.

Treat The Pups Banner 5

The kids and I took a look at all the cute ideas of things we could make for Gabie, Winkie, and Sophie, and we decided we loved the treat jars!   We used what we had on hand, and printed out labels which the the kids colored. We filled jars with their favorite treats, Chicken Grillers and Pup-peroni– and added the labels. Voila!  Special treats for the sitter to give to  the dogs while we’re away. Aren’t they cute? I was able to customize them for each dog, like Gabie LOVES  the beefy taste of Pup-Peroni, so I filled his up with them, while the other two prefer the rich meaty taste of the Chicken Grillers.  I also love that they are scored and easily torn into smaller bits for my little dogs.


In fact, we found them to be so cute we made jars to bring with us for Uncle Eddie’s dogs, Luke and Lacey!  We like to #TreatThePups and show all the animals in our lives that we’re thankful for all they give to us, protection, companionship, and most of all, unconditional love. All of our dogs are rescues, (as are our cats) and I love to shower my pups love with their favorite treats.

What kind of special things do you do to show your pets they are special to you? Take a look at teh videos, and don’t forget to check out Mishka, the talking dog’s videos about her Thanksgiving!  It’s hysterical!


Disclosure:   I have been compensated for sharing the crafts and videos on this post, but all opinions are my own.  My dogs DO love these treats!


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