Share The Love at Whole Foods

I’ll admit it, when I thought of Valentine’s Day,  Whole Foods wasn’t the first place to pop into my mind. However when I was invited by my local Whole Foods to check out what they had to offer, I TOTALLY changed my mind- and I may have made some very BROAD hints to my husband about where to shop!

Valentine’s Day at Whole Foods Market



Do you see the heart? There are so many ways to #ShareTheLove at Whole Foods that I never thought of!

Ok, Valentine’s Day just SCREAMS flowers to most people.  Whole Foods had some FANTASTIC  deals on some sweet bouquets (they always have lovely flowers!)   But check out this deal:


24 beautiful roses, with greenery and a vase, all for $39.99.  That’s an incredible deal!    In fact, you can go into the store and check out the color wheel of roses to let you know what color means what—so you can be sure to be saying the right thing with your flowers. roses2

You can call ahead and order your flowers, as well, so you can just  run in and grab them!  Don’t forget to take a look at  5 ways to keep your roses fresh!


Now that we’ve done flowers, there are some other gifts to check out. I forget that Whole Foods is where I can get pretty much everything! At this event I got to see some adorable things, like sweet teddy bears that I know would be perfect for my teen. I tried some YUMMY hand cream that smelled JUST LIKE fresh berries and helped soothe my poor dry hands. I loved some pretty beaded bracelets that not only were beautiful, but supported great causes like breast cancer awareness and to help stop violence against women, I sniffed (and wanted) some fabulous candles- I loved the rose one shown in the photo, but REALLY loved the lavender ones I found while shopping afterwards. I’d be thrilled to get any of these for Valentine’s Day.

Then  we started talking food.  Valentine’s Day is usually a day filled with fabulous things, and this  includes food.  I tasted some many things, but yes, I had a BIG TIME favorite!


First I tried lobster and crab heart shape ravioli.  They were delicious, but my husband is allergic to shellfish, and  we often have a different  heart shape ravioli for Valentine’s Day with the kids.


Then I tried some FANTASTIC prepared food. This Sole with caper lemon butter sauce was wonderful- and I really love the  potatoes with the fried capers, and the veggies.  I love sole!  It’s one of my go-to meals.


This. THIS. This coffee & vanilla rubbed pork stole my show.  It was a perfect mixture of sweet/savory with a tiny bite of heat afterwards. It’s all done so all you have to do it heat it!   How easy is that?


I got to try this yummy  Severino Homemade Pasta. I’ve had the cute dino shapes, but the heart shapes are to die for! We don’t eat much pasta nowadays, but  I plan on making the heart shaped ones for the kids on Valentine’s Day with Vodka sauce. Or maybe cheese sauce. Or red sauce– the possibilities are endless!


But this deal?  Holy cow!  How can you even walk past this?  Surf & Turf for $20.  I might pick up a couple!  This WAS going to be my Valentine’s dinner for my husband and I, but it’s going to snow, YET AGAIN, in Connecticut, so I can’t get to my grill. (Plus, my husband can’t eat lobster, therefore I make the EXTREME sacrifice and eat his lobster for him).  So, for us, it’s the Coffee Rubbed Pork for Valentine’s Day dinner! Even better, because it’s all done- all I have to do is grab it and go! Delicious and easy!

Now that we’ve stuffed ourselves with great food, it’s time for sweets!


You can never go wrong with something from the bakery at Whole Foods.  That cake, on the left? Chocolate cake, raspberry butter cream, and fresh berries? I. die.  You can pretty much get anything you want! Want whipped cream? No problem. Chocolate? No problem. No berries?  No problem.  Vanilla cake?  No– you get the picture.   Just get the cake, though, I’m telling you, it was fantastic. Need something smaller? Those cupcakes are adorable, and just the right size. And that beautiful pink cake on the left? It’s available by the slice. Seriously- just enough!


For me, being diabetic, this is a better choice. Chocolate covered strawberries!  You can add all kinds of topping and flavors.  Check out your local store- you can place your order when you first go into the store, do your shopping, then pick them up before you head to the checkout. They’ll make them as you shop! Talk about FRESH!

In fact, do check out the store. I did a bit of shopping with my kids after the event, and we found some awesome things that we HAD to bring home- including an aromatherapy stuffed owl that gets heated in the microwave and is my new favorite thing.  I also got this amazing mayonnaise (I know, I know, how UN-sexy is mayo?) called Just Mayo but it was out at the event, and I fell in love. There was chocolate mayonnaise FROSTING served with strawberries. I thought the lady was crazy, to be honest, but it was  amazing and she was the sweetest lady EVER- plus she shared her recipe for the frosting.  I’m going to make that frosting for April Fool’s day!   mayo just isn’t for sandwiches anymore!

stawmayoAedan wanted a “different” kind of chocolate so we went searching the aisle- and we found a WHOLE aisle of yum!  We settled on  Chuao Chocolatier because he prefers milk chocolate- and we found this: bacon

He was sold.  And I was sold on the Spicy Maya- they call it “Seductive cinnamon, pasilla chile and warming cayenne bedded in dark chocolate”  but I call it perfection. I need more of this chocolate, STAT.

So, now that it’s time to spoil your sweetie, spoil yourself and head to Whole Foods and Share The Love!   There is plenty there to be found!

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