Sandy Hook Run for the Families

SandyhookRunfamilesOn Saturday, I am doing this:

“The SANDY HOOK RUN FOR THE FAMILIES is not about running. It is about life: honoring the memory of precious lives lost through tragedy and celebrating the gift of life. It is about uniting in hope for the future.”

I’m doing it for THEM:


I’m doing it for the children, for the parents, for our community, for myself. We live about 20 minutes from Newtown. We, as a community, were heartbroken. These people were people we knew. I think everyone I know knows someone who lost someone. I’m walking for innocence lost, for the post my daughter wrote, for heartbreak and grief, but most of all because I want to share my love and hope for the families because my heart still feels this:

Sandyhook Vigil

This is a candlelight vigil held on our town green. This lovely photo was taken by my friend Trish Haldin.   She’s so talented, and see things the rest of us just do not see.  She snapped this photo just as  we were were sharing the Sign of Peace. Peace be with you.

Look again.


Peace be with you. Indeed. If you look, there are tears, there is heartbreak, there is sorrow and grief, but there is love.


So the main reason I am walking is this:

Love Wins.


Although I am  registered to race in Hartford with Team Phys-Ed,. my fantastic gym that I love even more for being part of this, I am also walking with my heart with the team from my church-  Valley Presbyterian Church.  I am not going to Hartford, I will be walking in Newtown, Connecticut. Do you want to take part?  Registration is closed, but  you can always get up and walk (or run) – in their honor. You can walk anywhere, you do not have to be in Connecticut.  Just walk or run 5K- by yourself, with your kids, with a stroller, with your dog, whatever, and think about it- how Love Wins.

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