Run, Santa, RUN!!

A few weeks ago I saw a HUGE sign up on the road on the way to the gym saying “RUN, SANTA ,RUN!”.   At first glance I wasn’t sure of what to think of it. Who is chasing Santa, and why  is he running?  When I got to Phys-Ed, there was a flyer up announcing a 5k run/walk to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

I had been thinking a lot about  another 5k after doing the fun run a bit ago with Aedan.  I was thinking I’d like to challenge myself to see how I could do in a race.  I knew I wasn’t ready to run it, but I wanted to try and walk it at MY pace this time.   I liked it was benefiting the ADA,  my grandmother and Aunt Frances had diabetes, and my cousin Tammy’s young daughter Deliah also has it, and I’d love to support them and walk in their names.

I did second guess myself- remembering I was barely able to walk to the stop sign 1/4 mile down the road a few months ago, but I screwed up my courage and registered online. My awesome fitness buddy Kristina encouraged me as well as the people at Phys-Ed. Knowing I had that much support really bolstered me,  One thing  lifted me up more than anything.

It was Billy Mo Buckbee.

The man looks just like Santa.  Holy cow.


photo by Aurora Photography

Just a lot fitter.  And way cooler, with the  glasses and scarf & such.

But what made me fall in love with him a tiny bit was his e-mails.   He was so stinkin’ EXCITED about this race!  He sent out emails to the registrants from Santa Claus,Poppa Christmas, and other funny names with  the tone of I CAN’T WAIT TO DO THIS INCREDIBLE THING! in it.  One he sent with some race info,  and I wrote back saying that I was excited and scared, but I’d be there…then he and I started sending each other a few emails, his encouraging me!  With all that man had to do, he was cheering me on!

So I  took his encouragement, and the encouragement of my friend Kristina, and  my gym, and shared it with my friend  Bruna, and got her and her son Giovanni to race, as well!  Aedan decided to join in, also,  Of course, if we’re gonna race for Santa, we were going to dress the part!




You KNOW that bad boy is gonna be framed and set in my office, right?


We got started, and  hoofed it!

DSC_0143_5676It was a beautiful day for a walk/slow jog.. and  unfortunately Aedan started having a few asthma issues…so I sent him back to be with Dad. Gio took off leaving Bruna and myself, and the two of us set our pace and kept going! It was an awesome feeling!

What are you thankful for in your life?

As I was walking, I was thinking about all the changes I’ve made in my life in the past few months -how different I was.  Besides that fact that I’m 13 + pounds lighter, and 25+ inches smaller, I’m stronger, too. I’m more confident, I really have gained an appreciation for how important it is to take some time for ME to do things for myself,and making the choice to become more healthy is the best  thing I could have even done. I’ve made some amazing new friends who are super supportive. I’ve broken free of my fear of gyms and classes by finding the BEST GYM EVER!   One of my biggest challenges was starting this blog and  writing about how I am  working hard at losing weight and becoming healthy. I wondered if I would be brave enough to post it. I’m so glad I did as it’s been a HUGE blessing in my life.

So Bruna and I kept up our pace and before we knew it, crossed the finish line! DSC_0151_5684


DSC_0075_5608My Time!

DSC_0162_5695The Crew!


I am so thankful to THIS GUY for his encouragement and enthusiasm!


Guess what we got?


2nd place in costumes!

My real prize was starting and finishing the race!  I’m already thinking ahead to the next race!   This Run Santa Run race was AWESOME!  Billy said he was hoping to have 200 people register- and in total on race day, there were 502 racers!   It was a special day for everyone.



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