My Resolution: To Be More Than A Bystander

Every New Years Day people people pledge to make changes in their lives. They promise to do all kinds of things: to lose weight, quit smoking, become more organized, get their finances in order; usually some way to change themselves.  I’ve done it. Last year I decided to love myself, most years I’ve pledge to lose weight.   This year, however, my resolution is different.  The changes I’m promising to make aren’t just for me, they are for the future. All of our futures.


Bullying has effected our lives in so many terrible ways. It nearly cost me my daughter when she attempted suicide after years of bullying. Even though she is much better now, there are still lingering effects to years of torment.  A big part of what happened with Ally I blame myself for, because I didn’t know how much bullying had changed since I was young (and bullied).  I responded to her the way my mom responded to me, and to be honest, none of those ways worked. So this year, I’m working hard to share Ally’s message of #BeBrave and will help people


#BeBrave and stand up to bullies, up for the bullied, and up for yourself.

I’m also helping share the word about a great campaign run by AdCouncil; the Be More Than A Bystander campaign that teaches parents how to help their kids learn about bullying, and what to do about it.  it helps parent know what to look for, and how to address bullying with their kids.

It teaches everyone to Be More Than A Bystander.  It’s IMPORTANT. And it needs help. It needs more exposure, and it needs funding.   Please sign and share my petition, and if you can, help support  the campaign.  Every single donation helps fund this program that will help parents help their kids.


Ally and I have decided that this year we are going to concentrate on making real difference in how bullying is handled in our country. It needs to start somewhere, why not with us?


For the whole month of January, we will be posting  a tip a day to help stop bullying.  Please pop by daily and check out ways to help rid our world of bullying.  It takes only a few people to start a very real movement. We can help end bullying if we all decide to Be Brave and Be More Than a Bystander.


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