Are You Ready To Ace Your Retirement?

Are you ready for retirement?

I don’t mean right this minute, but are you prepared?  Do you know when you want to retire? Do you know how much money you need to be able to retire?  Do you know how to save for it?  These are questions you need to ask yourself  so you can Ace Your Retirement!

Here are some facts:

  • Approximately two in five households headed by people age 55-64 – over 9 million households – have no retirement assets saved at all. [Source]
  • In 2017, 48% of retirees reported that they retired sooner than they had expected, cutting into the time they had planned to keep saving. [Source]
    • Reasons for retiring earlier than expected include health problems or disability (41%), changes at the workplace such as downsizing (26%) or taking on adult caregiving responsibilities (14%)
  • Taking steps to take control of your retirement planning could have a positive impact in many areas of your life. According to a recent AARP and Ad Council survey:
    • More than half of people in their 40s and 50s say that feeling more confident about saving for retirement would help them feel less stressed (54%)
    • And 46% would be happier knowing they are taking care of their family’s future
    • More than a third would feel more confident tackling other goals/challenges in life (38%) and would feel better emotionally and physically (36%)
  • Women are less confident than men when it comes to their ability to save for retirement than women (only 46% of women are confident compared to 54% of men), but women often control the household budget and make smart spending decisions every day. Women have what it takes to save for retirement!  According to a recent AARP and Ad Council survey:
    • 7 in 10 women report coupon-clipping or searching for deals online, but only about half of all men do (73% vs. 54%)
    • Likewise, 7 in 10 women sign up for customer rewards programs compared to half of men (70% vs. 54%)

Woman know what to do to save for retirement, they just need to know how to get started!  That’s where comes in. is a web based service that helps you figure out how much you should be saving, an how to get started.  Its simple, and even fun to take the survey.  I’ll be honest. I was a little nervous to do it because I have been a Stay At Home Mom for  about 18 years, and I know I don’t have nearly enough put away for retirement. I also know that choosing to be a one income family made saving extra for retirement  even harder!  I thought for sure it was going to paint a bleak picture, but it wasn’t bleak at all!  It was comforting to see that even starting as late as I am (I am 47) that I  can make a plan  to make retiring easier.

Truthfully,  once I started thinking about retirement I started getting really anxious and unsettled about it.  How in the world was I going to be able to  retire comfortably?


With the tips and tricks I got from AceYourRetirement, I know that I am  more capable for saving than I thought!  There are a lot of things I already do to save, like coupon and shop sales,  and  they pointed out ways I can do more, such as doing some freelance work or  picking up a part time job.

I got this!

I think that no matter you age, if you’re just starting out or almost ready to retire, you should take the time to  go to and take the survey.  Knowing what you need to do to be ready for the rest of your life is important, and makes it easy to prepare! 

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