A Random Cup of Coffee

I read a post from my friend Stephanie today about  10 Random Things about her. I loved reading it because I  love learning more about my online friends. One thing about her has me flummoxed. She’s never red or watched Harry Potter?  Oh, MAN, Steph, you don’t know what you’re missing. So I got to thinking  about things going on in my life and how SCATTERED I am right now, and  I decided to post, too, but  more like  hey, come have a  cup of coffee and let me tell you about my life.  (Because my other friend, Carla wrote a post about a cup of coffee once and I loved it. So I copy it.) So, here goes:

  • My dog Gabie needs a bark collar. He has the most piercing loud bark and  he just BARKS for no reason. He sings, too. LOUDLY. I normally love it but lately, MAN.  It hurts my ears.
  • My whole family has a stinkin’ virus that has had the kids home sick (for days!) and I feel like a bad mom because I want a day off to  just sit and watch Walking Dead by myself. And to sulk and eat chocolate.
  • Izombie love Walking Dead.  I never thought I would watch it. I thought it was stupid, but I am so drawn in. It’s not about the Zombies, it about the living.   But I’m now afraid to walk in my woods at night, and never without a sharp stick. I’m convinced that there are Zombies in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. True Story. Also, I want to be Michonne because she is badass and fierce.
  • We cancelled cable over a year ago but I’m considering getting it again so I can watch Walking Dead. Or I’ll be at a friends house every Sunday night.  Who wants me?
  • I am ignoring, or trying to ignore that I am not sticking my friend Terri’s Radiant program I started. I am not eating badly, but I’m not eating WELL, either.   I’m supposed to NOT be eating sugar or gluten and I’m eating both.   I feel like I’m failing her, and me by not staying on track. It’s a fantastic program, but I’m having trouble getting into it right now. I’m not even sure I’m meant to eat this way.  And I feel even more guilty because she is being so supportive.  And by feeling a failure I’m not keeping to my 1st New Years Resolution.  This sucks.
  • I keep thinking I need new sneakers and am low on cash.  I need to become a New Balance ambassador to be the face of overweight 40 year old women anywhere. They are honestly the ONLY sneakers I have put on out of the box that have fit, been comfortable and  never make my feet hurt.   Anyone have a New Balance contact I can pitch to?
  • I miss my church.  I miss GOING to church and being there . My church family has been circling the wagons around us  and showering us with prayer and love -but things have stopped us from being able to attend the last few weeks and I simply miss it. I miss them.
  • I’m getting sick of snow and sub zero temperatures and of BIG Oil Bills. Oil Bills Suck.  That is all there is to it. But, heat and hot water rules. So, there is that.
  • I love my gym, and  I need to get back to it. Because I have decided that they are going to become my new tribe. They are the most supportive people I know and keep me motivated when I get my butt there.  Plus, they have a sauna.
  • 20140114-091858I signed up for the Relay for Life.  Not just because I am a cancer survivor and  I believe in the cause, and get to be  on my gym’s team, Team Vitality, but because my friend Kristina (who has her own team, #Purple Zebra for her AWESOME husband)  posted this pic and I thought, HEY!  I’m a walker and it’s about WALKERS!  WIN WIN!  (please go donate to my page please and thank you).
  • My father in law died last week.  I think know that’s why we are all sick and out of sorts. I know it’s why I am scattered and lost.  I’m missing him because he was my DAD, not just my father in law, and he added so much to my life. I’m grieving and trying to stay strong for everyone else.   I’m heartbroken for him, for us, and most of all for my son who lost his best friend. I will never forget the look on his face when I told my little boy his grandpa died, and how he seemed to have grown up all of a sudden. This doesn’t deserve to be last, but  it’s all I can bring to write about it for now. Except, Love Never Ends.

I need to get back on schedule, back on track and I’m hoping by just throwing all this out  it’ll help.   I know how it goes, one step at a time, so I’m going to take this week one day at a time to work towards getting back to where I need to be.  Most of all, it’s letting my friends know I’m floundering but I’ll be back. Thanks for having a  cup of coffee with me. cupofcoffee


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