Race Shirts For Boston Marathon Bombing


Today’s  bombing at the Boston Marathon not only saddens me, but it really pissed me off. I’m so sad for all those involved.  I’m sad for our whole country who can’t help be be effected by this whole debacle.  The same as it was after Newtown,  I want to help and to show support.   Tomorrow, I and many of my friends will be wearing our race shirts to show solidarity with those in Boston and at the Boston Marathon.    Don’t have a race shirt?  Wear something that shows you are thinking of Boston.

This in not my idea- Its all over Facebook in the fitness groups- and I am going to show my support.

I remember clearly the first time I put on a racing shirt and bib and stood at a starting line. It was December 2012 and I took part in our towns Run Santa Run race to benefit diabetes research. I was scared spitless. I was new to the whole fitness thing and thought there was NO WAY I could run a 5K, but I could walk it. I did. I was SO proud of myself! I went on to Color Me Rad, and more races.  every race made me stronger.   Tomorrow I’ll be  sporting my bright red shirt in support of all those in Boston who need support. I’ll be sharing my strength and my gratitude for all those fitness people who  took the time to support ME and  tell me that I could do anything. I am giving love and support back.


And I’ll be praying for us all.

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