Prevailing conditions

Sometimes the best made plans can go awry.  Many times,  it’s because of things that are totally beyond our control.

I had planned on ROCKING OUT  this week at the gym. After being sick last week and not being able to work out as I had wanted, I  was looking forward to Monday Morning Spin class and getting back on track. I was was also looking forward to Saturday’s State Cheer competition.  Our daughter’s cheer team is AMAZING, and we were all looking forward to  watching them perform.  There was  some news stories about a snowstorm that might affect  Connecticut, but  seriously, who expects snow in October?

I  should have paid attention!  This was one heck of an October snowstorm!   On our back porch, I measured 19 inches of snow.  This was heavy, wet snow, as well, not the pretty light snow that falls so often.  Add in fully leafed trees, and  the weighty snow,  and it was disaster.

I spent some time  standing in the open doorway just listening to the CRACK, BOOM, CRASH  of trees falling all around our house. It sounded like  gunshots going off all around us. It was eerie and honestly frightening as our house is surrounded by trees.  And, it was cold.   The temperature hovered in the 20’s at night- and it was cold in our house.  The kids, the pets, Dave and I all camped out our room to cuddle up and  share warmth. (and courage!!)

We were in the same boat as everyone else- unable to leave the house – and no power.  I did manage to put together  some coffee (thank God for Starbucks Via!!) and  cooked up some yummy oatmeal- outside on the grill.


No way around it,  it’s been a rough week.  We don’t expect to have power back before  Sunday morning. School has been canceled for the rest of the week.  I can’t help thinking all my food in my refrigerator and freezer is  gone and needs to be tossed.   I simply could not managed to get to the gym at all, not once to work out. I’ve been too busy trying to  keep my kids occupied and warm. Forget about starting the Mamavation Challange I signed up for.   But rather than concentrating on that, I’d rather  think about the many blessings I’ve seen this week:

The many, many Facebook postings I’ve seen saying “Hey!  Ii’ve got power- come shower/ charge your electronics/ get warm/ eat/ wash clothes/ be comforted/sleep here”   People are good.   I refuse to think anything else.

The local businesses that  offered heat, and wi-fi!   We’ve been spending out mornings at The Sweet Spot– a local  bakery/coffee./ice cream shop that has great vegan/ gluten free choices.  My favorite so far?  The hot apple cider, the veggie sandwiches,and I have to say it, the vanilla cupcake!

We’ve been spotted at Green Granary, too. Another one of my favorite spots, they have awesome organic healthy foods and a great ambiance.

We’ve spent a few evenings at Faith Church– a local  mega-church that opened it’s doors to our community – a warm place to be, charging stations, movies for the kids, food available,  and  a place to just BREATH.     Jesus said to minister to those in need, and this church  opened itself up to minister to the needs of the people in the community.   What a welcome respite!   I have to say I’ve had my doubts about large churches, but with thelove and kindness I’ve  felt from this church. my opinion is changing.   We’ve never visited this church before, but any church that follows the words and directions of Christ deserves a visit to learn more.    This place is full of love.

Our Local Movie Theater, The Bank Street Theater  also opened up today  and play two movies for free- kid movies for exhausted  parents and children who needed a hint of normalcy in their lives.

We spent a lovely afternoon with the Colangelos where we showered,  charged up and  cleaned up in their showers- and Aedan had a great time playing!

And my awesome gym, Phys-Ed had the hottest showers, and the cheeriest smiles.  I love that place for a million different reasons, and now, this is just one more!

The most important one, the one that haunts me at night when I’m cuddled up to  my family in a bed sharing warmth and I find great comfort in simply listening to their breathing:  On our way home from New Haven in the middle of the storm, our  truck skidded on a way up a hill and very nearly fell  over a small cliff  into a river.   If it wasn’t for the wire barrier, we would have gone over.  I’m very thankful for that  dent in my trucks rear quarter panel.   I’m thankful for my amazing husband and his patience  in driving. I’m thankful for my children who were holding hands and quietly singing Taize Chants in the truck, praying with song:

It is good to trust in the Lord our God, Trust and hope in the Lord our God.  

We  trusted in Him to get us home safely,and He did

As many reasons there are to complain, I’m going to take the time to count the ones for I have to be thankful.


I hope all my friends are all warm, lighted, and safe!  


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