Prepping For a Storm- Healthy Style!

Long walks,  Billy Blanks, and even visits to me gym again (YAY) are getting me going.   I will admit I’ve been struggling a little bit with my food- lunch seems to be particularly difficult for me, but I’m getting back on track with that, too. However something is coming that threatens to REALLY knock me off track…..Hurricane Sandy.

It seems like my part of Connecticut is going to be hit really hard- school is canceled,  people are evacuated, in fact, I’ve just heard that all the highways will be closed soon.  Having lived on the Gulf Coast as a child, I know a little something about hurricane preparedness so I put together my Emergency Preparedness supplies- a healthy one!

huricane prep

First of all, you gotta have water! 3 gallons a day per person is what is suggested.   I have 3  cases of water, plus a few gallons and  some filled coolers.  Then there are the suggested things you should have for any emergency: flashlights, candles, heat/cooking source, can opener, paper supplies,  medications and supplements and food.

My family usually eats cleanly- as little processed foods as possible- but sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit. I allowed a few cans of prepared foods for the worst of the storm.    I tried to put together and keep healthier versions to keep us going for the next week or so.

I have fruit that will not spoil easily.  I purchased some evaporated milk, as well as some healthier whole grain  cereals. I have granola, nuts, dried fruits and popcorn.  I have a freezer full of healthy food that will have to be eaten so my plan is to  eat that as needed!  An important caveat: make sure you have plenty of propane or charcoal to cook!

Being in an emergency situation is very stressful and it’s easy to  get off track.  I’ve prepared myself and my family to be safe, but to stay healthy at the same time!

For all my East Coast friends,  Stay safe!


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