My Last Mamavation Monday Post


I’ve been a part of the Mamavation weight loss community for over a year and a half.  It was a very precious part of my life- and the first fitness friends I made.  With them,  I learned how to trust in myself and how make the changes I needed to make to make my life healthier. I even served as a Mamavation Mom for one campaign and lost over 20 pounds and 25 inches.

But lately things have changed. In a place that was full of support, it  was missing something.  I thought perhaps it was the holidays, the election, maybe it was me being sensitive with a lot of thing happening in my life.  I was needing more, but I wasn’t feeling it.  I was really worried about it and I spent a lot of time talking to Dave. I was part of a Mamavation Moms Grad campaign and I was failing, miserably. I had barely lost 8 pounds. I felt lost, and I really needed help. Help that I wasn’t given, even after I asked multiple times.  And when I vented to another group of friends, not saying anything terrible or that I wouldn’t say to the people involved,  I was called out and reprimanded.  I explained my position,and asked yet again for help, and offered mine. It was all thrown back in my face, and I was removed from Mamavation.

Here’s the thing.  I was shocked.  I was hurt that no one was willing to listen to my side of what was going on.  I was dismayed that  nearly 2 years of loyalty was so tossed away. Yes, I said loyalty.

Definition of loyalty:

  1. state of being loyal: the quality or state of being loyal
  2. feeling of duty: a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to somebody or something ( often used in the plural )
    Synonyms: faithfulness, devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, constancy, reliability, fidelity, dependability, steadfastness

Loyalty is more then just kissin’ someone’s ass.


I don’t feel that ‘loyalty’ is kissing  butt, or having your head soo far up someone’s rear you can’t see what’s going on right around you. I don’t think it’s keeping how you really feel bottled up in side.  I don’t think it’s loyal when you see something is happening  and you keep quiet.  And I do not think it’s disloyal to discuss something that is bothering me with a group of friends.  Yes, I am ‘loyal’ to my friends – but I don’t expect them to play along and act like I’m perfect. I’m going not going kick them out of my life because they disagree with me. I’m not going to fawn over them because they claim to be a ‘badass’ in fact, I’m going to CALL THEM  OUT EVEN MORE because they think so highly of themselves. No one is so far up that they cannot fall.


I’m not exactly brokenhearted to be gone from Mamavation.   I was seriously thinking of leaving after the campaign was over because I wasn’t getting what I needed from them anymore. To be honest, I felt like I wasn’t giving them what they deserved from me. And the relationship wasn’t working for both of us

I wish Mamvation and  those involved well.  I hope that they get what the need from it, and  it continues  to be a place where as long as people agree, they can  get real help. I hope they realize that  it’s ok for people to have different opinions.  And that everyone who needs and asks for help gets it. .

People change through life, if you don’t like who they’ve become wish them well…its their journey not yours.


I DO wish them well. and … I’m moving on.  Life is too short to surround yourself with  those who say they are there for you, and they are not.   I will continue on my weight loss journey.   I will continue to work my hardest- to be inspired by others and hopefully inspire others. I will be happy again.






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