My Jeans

Today was a HUGE day.    I had planned a training workout with Jamie,  my personal trainer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jamie- not just because of her wonderful personality, but because she makes me feel that she really cares about me. She’s almost as invested in my weight loss journey as I am!   She pushes me, encourages me and most of all, she supports me.

Today when I went to the gym, I had a wicked headache.  I was tired, my head was pounding, but I was planning on working out.   We went into the weight room where I told her I was sure I’d show a one pound gain, at least, as I had just eaten some peanut butter toast and an apple, and had a glass of water trying to  get rid of my headache.   I told her I’d take the pound as I knew my clothes were fitting differently and muscle weighs more.  Jamie told me that we’d do the weigh in tomorrow, and we’d do our workout tomorrow, too, when I felt better. I went ahead and did a 45 minute elliptical interval, and then went home and took more aspirin.

After my shower today, I was looking for a pair of jeans to throw on quick as it was starting to get chilly and so I dug into a chest that I had near my bed.  I grabbed a pair of jeans, and put them on.  I looked down, not recognizing them. I took them off again, and checked the size .



The photos below tell a story.  The ones in my tank top, on the right were taken in August.  In this photo, I was on my way down from my highest weight, and biggest size. Those jeans area size 24.  Yes, I said 24, and I really kinda needed a 26 as they were tight but I refused to buy a size bigger.  This was the size I  hit that was my  breaking point.

The ones on the left were taken today, October19th.   I started my  TWIO program in September, not too long after that  “fat” photo was taken.

The jeans are a size 20.

  A 20!  that’s 2 (really 3) sizes, people!



You have NO idea o how exciting that is for me! I can TOTALLY look at it and see a HUGE difference in me. It’s the difference that you DON’T see that I’m excited about, too.  The person who has given up soda, and has not had one in months.  The person who automatically makes smarter food choices, who packs her own snacks, lunches and drinks and keeps protein bars in the car, just in case, and  will park on the far side of the parking lot. for the walk. The person who shops the outside edges of a grocery store only, makes sure she can  pronounce all the ingredients of food she buys, eats fresh and clean instead of fast and  processed.  The one who drinks raw juices, smoothies, protein shakes, counts calories, journals food, and  is working HARD at getting healthier.  It’s working!

Whatever that scale says tomorrow, it’s still gonna be great! Because my clothes are telling a story that the scale isn’t.   And I LIKE that story!


UPDATE: My weigh in today?  ONE POUND LOSS! WHOO HOO!   One sucker.. GONE– which means…

10 pounds lost in total!


I’m so happy today!




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