Mama Del Monte’s Marinara Sauce (or Gravy)

I am Irish, through and through.  Heck, my maiden name is FLYNN.   But, I had the good sense to marry an Italian, so now we have the best of both worlds. AND  I got an Italian mother-in-law as part of the bargain.  She’s an incredible cook and recently she shared with me her sauce, or “gravy” as she calls it.    I have permission to share Mama Del Monte’s Marinara Sauce recipe with you.  (sure it took me 15 years to get the recipe and I get to share with YOU the first time I ask!)

No more jarred sauce!  Make up a batch of this and freeze what you don’t eat for later.  Making it yourself means you can control what you put in it.



I use it for pizza, for pasta, to make lasagna,  and all kind of dishes.  Enjoy!

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