Making the Bully a Victim

Today I read that charges against the two young girls who had been arrested for their role in the death of Rebecca Sediwick  have been dropped. Rebecca Sedwick is the 12 year old from Florida who after being tormented and bullied took the advice they gave her constantly, climbed a  cement tower, and jumped to her death.

REBECCA is not the  victim here.

The two girls who bullied her mercilessly are, apparently.

I’m not going to name the girls, even though you can easily search them, because  the family of one of the girls are planning lawsuits against people who  have named them, especially the Sheriff who was in charge of the case. Let’s only name the  DEAD kids – not the ones who TOLD  them to die.   That wouldn’t be fair, now, would it?

This particular case really struck me.  My own daughter was bullied to the point of wanting to die.  Through some kind of grace and mercy I caught her with the pill bottle in her hand and  stopped her.  After months and months of therapy and never leaving her side, she is finally whole. But my Ally could have been another Rebecca, She nearly was.

I wonder if  the girl who was on the Today show is sorry.  I’ve read some of her Facebook pages that were leaked that seem to show she was. There is much to be sorry for. Sorry  for being so mean, so heartless to bully your former best friend because another girl told you to. Sorry  for causing all this  trouble and heartache to your family. I’ll bet she is sorry for how this will effect her life forever .But you know what slays me?  She says, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

This girls Mom said on national TV, “It’s been a horrible experience for me and my daughter and my whole family. This can happen to any child in America, and we have to make sure that we watch our children’s Facebooks. This can happen to anyone, not just my daughter. It could’ve happened to anyone.” Because this girls MOTHER wasn’t responsible and didn’t pay attention to what her daughter was doing on Facebook,  she and her family have had a horrible time of it.

I think that Rebeca’s Mom would say picking out a casket,

attending the funeral and then burying her daughter  was much worse.


When asked what she learned, the girl said:  “I learned it’s not ok to bully, and that you should stand up, when you have a chance to stand up to bullies.“ When asked “When you look back at how you conducted yourself, do you feel that you did anything wrong?  The girl answered, “No”, couched by her mother, plainly audible, The incredulous anchor asks, “No, you do not?  The girl again answers, “No, I do not feel I did anything wrong.”  Of course, beating up and repeated cyber-bullying a former best friend isn’t wrong. It’s not!   But this girl doesn’t know that, because her parents are right there telling her so.

I have some things to say to those parents,  How about TEACHING your daughter accountability for her actions? How about helping her through the emotions that she must be going through?  How about  thinking about how this is going to effect her for the REST OF HER LIFE, and maybe, just maybe using it to  help her teach other kids who are bullies about how it can escalate out of control and cause things that you never think will happen.  Because SOMETIMES when you tell someone to go kill  themself, the do.  How about STANDING UP AND PARENTING your child through this rather than worrying about  and prepping to make a buck off another kids death that YOUR child help cause.

When asked if there were preparing a lawsuit, their attorney said “the family is extremely disturbed and we are looking into any and every remedy at their disposal”. Because, yeah, they were called to be responsible for the actions of their child. The child was called to be responsible for her actions and that DISTURBED them. Jose Baez (their attorney) said “When she turns 20 years old,we’ll still have her mugshot, on the internet. You all know when it’s up there, it’s up there for life.”

I say you are lucky. Very lucky,  You will be able to  hug your daughter when she is 20.

All Rebecca mother will have  is photos of her child and a grave to visit.


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