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I was very excited to hear about the Kalso Earth Day Community Scholarship on Bookieboo recently.  The award, in the amount of $1000,  will be awarded to a project that embodies the defining values of the company – wellness, being active, community engagement, and sustainability. I knew right away that I would want to apply on behalf  the Pratt Nature Center – an invaluable  resource for our town . 
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The Pratt Nature Center is a 201-acre wildlife preserve and environmental education center in Litchfield County, CT. The land is diverse – with a mountain, meadows, woods, wildlife, gardens, farm animals, a stream, a pond, and wetlands, providing wonderful opportunities for outdoor fun, discovery and adventure! Pratt Nature Center offers hiking, bird-watching, community garden plots and nature education for all ages including programs tailor-made for the classroom or scout troop as well as for family or community enjoyment and learning.  My son has attended summer camp at the Pratt Center, and I LOVED how engaged he became to the land and outdoor fun.  He climbed Mt. Tom, swam in the river, hung out in the Yurt, hiked with his friends, and learned a lot about the outdoors!

This year the Pratt Center would love to help our entire town celebrate Earth Day!  They are planning a wonderful day of information, different types of classes and hands on projects to teach our entire town  about our local habitats and surroundings. On Saturday, April 21 (Earth Day) the Pratt Center will be hosting a Earth Day Party with all kinds of information about  gardening – composting, insects, planting plans, and  information about invasive plants, among other things. This program will be run by Pratt Center Staff members and an University of Connecticut Master gardener who will be able to answer questions people might have about planting in our area.  Area students will be planting seeds earlier and raising seedlings to be planted in the center garden during the planting days.   I love that this event will teach everyone  in our town how to sustain natural habitats and about local plants and trees that are original to our area! 

I love that the Pratt Center’s  Earth Day events are planned help us stay in touch with the rural elements of our town, and gardening in particular- and the talks and  events will encourage everyone to give back to and respect the land! This scholarship, should it be awarded to us, would help provide the necessary items needed to get these seeds and gardens up and running, and therefore, our community garden going, too. It will also help in the funding of programs that highlight things that we can do to keep our local environment safe  and thriving!  They’ll need al sorts of planting tools, peat pots, organic natural seeds and plantings, and various class materials and teachers.  These will also be used to help plant the elementary school gardens on April 28th!

I hope that Kalso Earth Shoes will see how awesome a program like this will be- a whole day to learn about  how to help sustain our natural local plants and trees to keep our habitats true to our area decide to award one of the scholarships to us.


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