How to Handle a Hell Week

You know, when you have a week that is so busy that you cannot tell if you are coming or going?

That was my week. I have had something  pretty much every 3 hours every day this week, and  for a good part of tomorrow and the next day.

PLUS I have an online class I’m taking that I have to do 2 days a week, and there is a project I am trying to get done AND today was my son’s 10th birthday so I dedicated as much as I could to him today.

Where did healthy living fit in all this?


NOT in the frozen pizza, or the  Reeces’ Ice Cream Birthday Cake we had tonight. (ugh, I feel sick). But it was in the multiple cups of green tea I had instead of coffee, and the  quick walk around the block I took to clear my head, or just ACCEPTING that things happen and I need to concentrate on getting done what I need to get done so I can can work out more. Making part of my business to include some sort of exercise – like a family hike on Sunday and a bowling get together instead of a sit down  eat-a-thon that our get together usually are.

How do you make time for even a little bit of exercise or healthiness when you have a hell week?

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