How to Beat a Cold

While I was at BlogHer this year, I had an opportunity to talk to some folk at Zicam.  They asked me if I knew what a “pre-cold” was…  OF COURSE I do!  And this is what I told them:

And I was right, because just as I got to BlogHer I was feeling that tingly, something’s-going-wrong feeling that you KNOW means you’re going to be in bed for a week.  I was lucky they were there and they gave me a bottle of Zicam to try.  I faithfully took one every few hours (and it tasted GOOD, just like I remember baby aspirin tasting) and guess what? I didn’t get sick! No confrence crud for me!

I only wish I had listened to  that “pre-cold” feeling this past week. I’m FEELING MISERABLE!


Yes, after taking care of everyone else and nursing them through their colds, I was STRUCK DOWN!  OH, I was SO sad that I couldn’t find my bottle of Zicam.  By the time I got around to going out to the market, it was too late: I was knocked flat my a cold. That meant knocking me off track on with my workout schedule, and pretty much everything else!

Zicam is not intended for people under 12, or for treating the flu, but you can prepare yourself for the Pre-Cold with Zicam®.  When taken at the first sign, Zicam will help you go from Pre-Cold™ to no cold, faster™.  Now all I can do is drink smoothies, green tea with honey, and my super special MAGIC CHICKEN SOUP and wait to get better.

I was so sad that I didn’t have any on hand, but my friends at Zicam sent me over a link to a coupon for $2.00 off Zicam  and they graciously let me offer it to you as well!   I strongly suggest that you print it out and get some Zicam now that the cool weather has started. For us, cool weather means colds!

Good luck, and STAY HEALTHY!

Disclosure: I was provided with a link for coupons and  a boxes  of Zicam to review, and giveaway.   All opinion however, are my own!


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