How to Be Brave & End Bullying Tip #1

Today is the first day of our monthly series:

Be Brave and Be More Than A Bystander

and help end bullying.

For the entire month of January we will be taking turns writing and linking up our tips for helping to stop bulling in 2015. Its our hope that you’ll not only read them, but share them with other so we can knock out bullying!

Our first tip for today is:

End Bullying Tip 1 Don't give bullying an audience


Don’t Give Bullying An Audience.

If you see someone bullying another,  you shouldn’t encourage the behavior by giving them an audience.  Instead of laughing or supporting the bully,  you should let them know that you don’t support their behavior.

  • If you see bullying happening, act disinterested or even say outright that you don’t find the bullying funny.
  • Keep your distance from bullies and bullying.
  • Get away, and tell someone who can stop it.

Many times, those who bully are encouraged by  the attention they receive from it.  If no one is paying attention to them, they will probably stop. For more tips, visit the Be More Than A Bystander page and click around.  Also, you can  subscribe to this blog and you’ll get every tip in your email.

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