How Do I Make Money- A SAHM Asks

I have been very lucky to be home with my  kids since they started school. It’s a choice my husband and I made when our kids were born, and I’ve never regretted a second of it.    The trade off to being able to be home was living on a super tight budget, but we made it work.  Once we started homeschooling it became even tighter with the added costs of  curriculum,  text books, co-ops and other expenses.   When our budget wouldn’t allow for  some extra things that we wanted, I started looking around for opportunities to make money that would let me  set my own hours, the pickings were slim.  In my research I thought about Real Estate, then I found something that looked like the perfect solution: Becoming a Loan Signing  Agent. This is what caught my attention:

Become a notary public loan signing agent and make an extra $2,000 per month part-time on your own schedule working for yourself. Learn to complete an appointment in about an hour and get paid anywhere from $75 to $200 for your time. 

Really?  Ok, Tell me all about it and then SIGN ME UP!

What’s a Loan Signing Agent?  It’s basically a notary who helps make sure that all the loan documents are properly executed. Since most closing documents have roughly 100 or so pages that need signatures, initials and dates on them, a Loan Signing Agent knows exactly where the borrower needs to sign, date and initial them. Timing and accuracy are vital to a loan closing. Missing dates, signatures and such can delay a funding. A loan signing agent helps make sure that that everything is done properly.

Loan signers are notaries, but not all notaries are loan signers. There are many places on the loan documents that require a notary acknowledgement, which can only be done by a notary public. But that’s not all Loan Agents do. Notaries witness signatures and loan signer witnesses signatures and knows how to walk a borrower thorough the process.

Learning to become a Loan Signing Agent is easy with Mark Wills  Loan Signing System Course.   The course is quick, and will set me up to start making money on my terms.  I won’t need a special loan signing license, I just need the notary commission, which isn’t difficult at all to get. I will be honest, I’m a little nervous about making sure I know everything to help people through the process, which is why I’m taking the course Plus I’ll learn how to market myself to be available for signings.  It will be up to me on how many commissions I take on, and how much money I make!

I like the idea of having a way to be exposed to the Real Estate business as I decide if I want to  go  into  becoming an agent.  It’s always interested me, but time and  budget doesn’t allow for me to take the Real Estate Course right now  The Loan Signing system course is affordable and  available online- so I study when I want.  Plus I’ll be making connections with other agents and companies as I work!

Decided to go back to work after being home for more than 2 years is scary, but it’s also exciting.  I get a second change to start a career in something that I love!  Becoming a Loan Signing Agent  not only will help me  help others by making sure their loans are executed properly, but I get exposure to a lot of new things as well, all on my own time schedule.

Are YOU looking for a way to add income?  Why not give the Loan Signing System a  try- it might be just what you are looking for!



This post may contain affiliate links that will provide a small commission if you decide to take the course.  I think it’s a  great course and you’ll be happy to take it!

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