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Trying to stay on track and keeping healthy during the holidays isn’t easy.  Hosting a party can totaly knock you off track if you’re not careful!    I hosted a  Christmas karaoke and Cocktails Party this weekend for some of my good friends, and managed to stay pretty much on target!

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I planned a menu that included lots of  healthy snacks
  2. I planned a cocktail that was lower calorie
  3. I planned activities that stopped food and drink from being the main event

My friends are awesome in that  everyone always brings something to a party, so there is a great mix of  different foods and drinks around.  Planning ahead, I made healthy Pinwheels, a cheese ball,  a super yummy salsa, and baked chicken wings.   Was is all healthy?  No- but  a lot of it was, and  when others asked what they could bring, I asked them to bring a veggie tray, a fruit tray, and other foods I knew would round out the menu.    They brought all kinds of good stuff, but there was certainly healthy choices to pick from!

We had a lot of different liquors to choose from.  For myself, I was drinking  pear vodka with seltzer and a splash of ginger ale.  It was tasty, I enjoyed it without  drinking down hundreds of  calories!   If you drink, make sure that you have plenty of no calorie mixers- seltzer is my favorite.   A splash of wine  with some seltzer makes a great spritzer!

The most important  thing, to me, was planning an activity.   We’re an  eclectic and outgoing group  that usually is dancing the night away somewhere when we go out- so I knew music was key.  I decided that a Karaoke party was the way to go!

I found a company nearby that rents the entire Karaoke set-up- everything that you need to have an awesome party- and will even deliver it to your house!   CTSings  is run by Steve Cahill, and  came over and set up  his machines and a monitor screen and showed us how to use the system- it was so easy!  It came pre-loaded with over 8000 songs- anything we wanted to sing was already in there- including Christmas Music- and the system was set up to use our Karaoke CDs, too (WE could even plug in our Ipods!)  We were singing away till the wee hours–   yes, and dancing, too- Honestly the  CTsings karaoke machine MADE the party!  We had people singing who had been married 17 years, and their spouses had NEVER seen them sing, and they were up and singing!

DSC_0011_5520 - Copy - Copy

Here’s the girls searching for a song to sing


Here’s my Dave singing away!  See how small the system is?    I loved the screen! (We all sang along!)


Here’s Steve—that little speaker under the table  was PERFECT!

DSC_0017_5526 - Copy - Copy

Here’s me- getting heckled!  (and yes, I hate to wear shoes!)


Eventually we ended up groups of us singing our hearts out!  I believe we were singing “Don’t Stop Believing” here!

Let me put it this way- the Karaoke  set-up was SO MUCH Fun- we had ANOTHER party- a brunch the next day with kids so they could play! it was very affordable,and so much fun!  The kids sang for 4 hours straight!  It MADE the party- BOTH parties- huge successes!

I forgot to take food photos Saturday night, but I got one shot of Sunday brunch:


Healthy Strawberry Santa’s, Pinwheels, and a yummy fruit and yogurt tray.  My friends filled in with other stuff- there was plenty of food!

I know that I can entertain as long as I stick to those three rules I  talked about before, but there is also another rule–   the rule of  giving yourself a little leeway!   There were some amazing food choices brought by other people- and I had a small piece of Theresa’s sausage bread,and Rob’s meatballs. I even dipped a strawberry or two into the chocolate fountain.  It was good, I was happy that I had a taste, then I went on and sang a song!

Don’t let  trying to be healthy stop you from  entertaining –   Enjoying yourself does not mean denying yourself – but it does mean self control!   Just make sure that you include smart choices to keep yourself on track!


Disclaimer:  I received a reduced rate from the VERY affordable rental rates from CTSings  for writing a review of his product.  However, I write my honest opinions!

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