Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

WendysGirlI remember the first time I asked my husband for something health/weight loss related for a holiday gift.  He looked slightly terrified, and  asked me if I was SURE I wanted a heart rate monitor for Christmas?  And finally, he just asked me straight out: was he going to get in trouble for buying me sneakers and putting them under the tree?  Here’s the thing: the most important thing I have is my husbands whole-hearted support as I try to get healthier and lose weight.  But there are lots of things I LOVE or LUST AFTER that make trying to get healthier easier (or more fun!)  And I know that others may want to know what to get the fitness minded person, so I put together this HEALTHY Holiday Gift Guide.

Please note: I have not been paid to include anything in this guide. They are things I have and love or don’t have but  LUST AFTER and  REALLY WOULD LOVE TO SEE UNDER THE TREE!  (hint, hint!)  One or two of them I have received free to try and review, but most of them  I have purchased myself.



1. FitBit One I want this2

I just recently purchased my FitBit One as I had heard so many great things about it. I AM IN LOVE. Seriously, this little bad boy clips onto my bra (or wherever you want) and  counts my steps, how many flights of stairs I climb (takes in account how many hills I climb when I walk)  and even keeps track of how much sleep I get.  It also syncs with My Fitness Pal with my food and exercise journals and it will auto sync with an IPhone, Hopefully it will  be ready to sync with my Droid soon.  I really love this little thing, and if someone in your life is trying to get healthy, this a a great tool to help them!

2. Precise Portions Dinnerware I want this2

ppset_thumbI love  these dishes by Precise Portions. They are decorated so that you can tell the proper portion sizes by the leaves on the plates. It’s SO easy to just size up the correct portion sizes by the cool graphics on the plates or bowl- even for kids!   Truth: we all fight over the bowl- the kids love to have their cereal in it. I actually just ordered more bowls for my kids so they will STOP STEALING MINE!

3. Zicam I want this2

129865045213980806_img_rapidmelts_citrusI received a sample of Zicam at BlogHer this year,and I will NEVER! EVER! EVER! (OMG is that song in your head now?)  be without it again.  Seriously, I carry a bottle in my purse, just in case. You  have to be healthy to GET healthy-and I swear every time I feel a cold coming on I start popping  my Zicam and it stops.  Trust me, keep some around you for Holidays—all that hugging and kissing and sharing holiday joy, but this time, you don’t have to share the holiday ickies!  ( there is a coupon on the site for $2.00 off, too)


4. BlendTec Blender I want this2

blendtecI made smoothies for our family nearly every single day.  I have a Blendtec, and I LOVE it. I use it to make soups, nut butters,  frozen yogurt, smoothies, coffee drinks, raw juices, and all kinds of things. There is a HUGE difference between a high powered machine such as this,and a regular blender.  My husband gasped a bit at what I paid for one, but honestly, I’ve used it at least 4 times a week, if not more since I got it. You will love it. (It makes great frozen margaritas, too- 80/20 rule!).

5. New Balance Shoes I want this

mr10rb_nb_02_iI was given a pair of  New Balance shoes over a year ago, and I immediately FELL IN LOVE!  They fit perfectly the minute I put them on.  They are easily my favorite shoes and the only ones I will buy now. I want more. Many more. If you are lucky enough  to have a New Balance Store near you, they apparently will check your stride and fit with a computer then help you pick the perfect pair of shoes!  I have one of those stores about an hour away and I have to make a  trip to go check it out.


6. Workout Clothes I want this

I have a bunch of workout clothes that I got from J.C.Penney. They have a pretty good selection and  good sizes. I will never understand WHY it is so hard to find workout clothes in plus size. HELLO!??!!  Chubby people want to workout, too!  My favorite are these yoga pants- 0900631b81d02301M.tif.


And Even though I know its not really a “workout “ outfit, I want this shirt from Nike. Because  I need this reminder.


7. Books/Cookbooks I want this2

Digestdiet21I’m not a huge fan of “diets” and definitely not of fad diets, but I was given a copy of this book and I love it.  The Digest Diet  is a great into to clean eating, if you haven’t had experience with it before.Its chock full with info about healthy clean eating and recipes.  I made the soups all the time (the winter squash soup is amazing), and  I heard that a new cookbook is coming out soon!. There is no food eliminating here, just steering to clean and healthy eating.  (disclaimer: I met Liz Vaccariello at Blogher’12 and she was just as warm and nice and encouraging as she seems in the book.) I’ll be trying out the Digest Diet again soon!, (and a tip- if you gift ANYONE a book like this for the holidays, be sure to say, the entire gift is that I would love to do this WITH you and DO IT!)

8. Massage Gift Certificate I want this

swedish_massageNothing is worse then being super sore from working out. Ok, it’s supposed to hurt a LITTLE bit  but still,OUCH! The best remedy for it is a NICE RELAXING MASSAGE!   A massage gift certificate is a WONDERFUL  gift to give to someone.  We have Massage Envy near us, but there are also plenty of small businesses that  have massage therapist.  Just do a search of your local area!  While you offering a back rub is nice, its’ not the same thing. Get the massage certificate. And, if you do offer a back rub, don’t make it as  prelude to , ahem, other things….just sayin’.  Just rub the sore muscles. I promise, you’ll be repaid later! (You girls KNOW what I’m talking about!) .

9.Yonana Machine I want this

yonanas-frontIn my family, we love ice cream and frozen yogurt.  We make it all the time,. But once I found out about this AMAZING Yonana machine I’ve been wanting one. (It’s NUMBER ONE on my Christmas List, Santa!!)   You simply freeze bananas or any other fruit,and process it through the machine for a creamy dessert. Think about it for a minute- healthy desserts and treats- made ONLY with  healthy  fruits. It’s a TOTALLY win. Again, I will say  #1 on My WANT LIST!!


10 Freestyler I want this2


I was sent a Freestyler  cross training machine recently, and I love it!  It’s still a little new to me, but WOW!  What a workout!  What I love the most is that I can get a real sweaty workout done in 30 minutes and then it slides right under the couch for later.  Its really well made, and  to be truthful, I sometimes have to fight the kids for it.  Easy to set up, too. Truth:  with this in the house, there is NEVER an excuse NOT to workout!


These are just a few ideas of things that I think are great gifts for the fitness minded this Holiday season. But the very best thing you can give to ANYONE who is interest in getting healthy is your support.  Offer to do things with them. Go for walks, Drink water.  Play games.  Get sweaty.  Eat clean. And have fun!

Happy Holidays!


Disclaimer:   I’ve  included affiliate links for Fitbit and Precise Portions- I purchased my own to try and LOVE them so much I’ve become affiliates. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN.


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