Happy New Year!

It’s always seemed to me that the REAL New Year isn’t  a cold day in the middle of the winter, but a warm summer day: the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!   Today is the real New Year.   The beginning of schedules, a fresh clean new slate,  oh, the possibilities!  So today was the first day of school, when my kids went off to school to start a new year, and I went off to my new gym,  Phys-Ed to start a new me!


I laced up my new sneakers, got in the car,and drove over to the gym.  I walked in, screwed up my courage, and found a trainer to help me.  I got on the recumbent bike, pushed a lot of buttons, and started pedaling.

 I have begun.

One step, 3.5 miles on the bike,  one bottle of water…. and the beginning to the end  of waiting on taking care of myself!

And I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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