Happy Mother’s Day

What a difference a year makes!

I’ve been working really hard as a Mamavation Mom keeping up with the exercises and the food plans and yes, I am exhausted and having a great time but today isn’t about My Mamavation Mom journey.  Today is all about how different  this years Mother’s Day is not just for me, but for my family

Last year there were gifts and a big dinner out and lots of vegging around watching TV. This year was heartfelt all homemade gifts, all from their hearts. I had lovely poems and drawings and cards. and even thought I wept,(of course I did- even a handwritten poem by my love)  it was with joy. Then we all went for a nice long hike/walk and took some photos while we were at it.

mothersday 064

mothersday 099

mothersday 160

mothersday 087

mothersday 150

I love that our new go-to for having fun is something physical as a family. I love that instead of a rich dinner out, we had a simple stir fry and laughed as we ate together. I love that I’ve made so many changes to myself this past 9 months,that my family has made these changes too. That is more awesome gift I received this  Mother’s Day- that all my family has embraced my changes and we are all doing this together.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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