Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is my 41st birthday. Yup, 41 today.And I received the very best ever birthday gift.   In fact, I  gave a BIG gift to myself. HUGE

A Commitment.

I’ve been talking about losing weight and getting healthy for a while. I’ve even been working at it and lost about 15 pounds.  And then, I reached a plateau, and  stopped losing. I realized that I needed help. I need some guidance on what else my body needed to get going.

After  searching and weighing my options (Pun intended) I decided on  this fabulous program at Phys-Ed- a local gym.  This is my gift to myself. image

I have a lot of weight to lose: my long term goal is to lose at least 85 pounds, but for now, I have a goal: 25 pounds before Christmas. (Remember my  Resolution?)  I know  that I can totally do it, too.

I met with the trainer, Jim Spada.  I knew that the success for the program for me would be my relationship with him and my comfort level with the gym. I was very nervous about both. Jim immediately put me at ease and I just know he’s going to be able to inspire me to get to where I need to go. I’m actually looking forward to him kicking my butt!

I’ve also been visiting to gym for the past week to get a real feel of the people there.    I am totally in love, but saving that for another post.  All I can say is the vibe there is every single staff person is rooting for me. They may not know my goals, but they’re rooting for me nonetheless.

One important thing I needed was accountability.  That’s the reason for this blog.  I need support and accountability.  I need to know that although I am responsible for the work, I have people who ‘have my back”- who will show  support and keep me accountable.  Want in?   Leave a comment, sign up for the rss or email feed, and  jump on board with me!

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