Gorton’s Seafood–Not Your Mama’s Fish Sticks


When Gorton’s offered us  coupons to  try their frozen seafood, I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous. When I was a kid, we often had ‘fish sticks” for dinner.  They were greasy, tasteless  things that  happened to be quick and easy for my Mom to make – but I was SO happily surprised by the fish from Gorton’s. It’s WICKED GOOD!

Gorton’s Frozen Seafood Ain’t your Mama’s Fish Sticks!


My Mama’s Fish Stick Dinner  somehow never looked this good!

I’ll admit, when I brought home frozen food, my family looked at me funny.  My kids aren’t fans of seafood, especially my 15 year old daughter, but our 11 year old son will try anything once.   He SAYS he doesn’t like fish, but  his Boy Scout Troop make Cod one night camping, so he was willing to try it.   I tricked him, it was haddock, but  whatever—he ate it… AND ASKED FOR SECONDS!  THIS IS HUGE!


In the interest of being fully honest,. you might think I tried to KILL my daughter getting her to try a fish stick, or  a fish fillet.   She made faces, she cried,  she scrubbed her tongue with a napkin, she GLARED at me and let me know in no uncertain terms it was YUCKY.  But, this is the girl who won’t won’t eat beef  (except hamburger), pork, chili, many soups, and  lived off of broccoli and mac and cheese for 4 years. She would eat a few chick peas, and cheese sticks. So, seriously- don’t go by what she has to say.

I had a favorite, but it was totally different. I LOVED the  Simply Bake Tilapia.   There were 2 in a box, individually wrapped in a foil pouch,. All it takes is 25 minutes in the oven,  and it’s done.   Fast and easy- and a huge added bonus is that  one filet is only 120 calories and 3 grams of fat.  I add some veggies and a few other things and BAM- quick and easy and HEALTHY dinner!


I also really liked the classic Grilled Salmon.- it was easy to pop it in the microwave and add it to a salad for lunch.

Now that I had a chance to try and no longer be afraid of  Frozen Fish,  Gorton’s is offering  my readers a cool giveaway-  you’ll get 3 coupons for $2.00 Gorton’s Seafood, a very cute Shipwheel key chain- and a bunch of recipe cards and post cards!  Super easy to enter:  Just leave a comment below to  enter- and I’ll pick a winner  on October 5th.


Also,  Gorton’s is hosting a WICKED GOOD GIVEAWAY!  You can win a trip to BOSTON, plus spending money! Go enter!

You can also follow Gorton’s on Facebook, Twitter, and  Pinterest, to keep up to date on  on the cool things going on!


***I was provided coupons for free Gorton’s Products, but  all opinions are my own !***

Did you parent’s make you eat fish sticks as a child? Did you like them?

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