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Connecticut is a pretty neat state. It’s rather small, so you can pretty much drive from one part of it to another in less than 2 1/2 hours. It’s a state full of history, beautiful places and exciting things to explore.  We even have casinos where there is ALWAYS something exciting going on. Like concerts.  My 16 year old daughter LOVES live music and begs to go to every concert she hears about.  When she heard that Fifth Harmony was coming to Foxwoods Resort Casino, she begged me to take her to see them. While I love to encourage her in her love of live music, I HATE driving at night, so I was prepared to say no. However, when my friends at Foxwoods offered me a room at one of their fantastic hotels while she enjoyed the concert, I changed my mind. It was my second time at a casino, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew I would be hanging out with my 13 year old, and to be honest, I wondered if there would be enough stuff to keep us occupied. I thought a casino was all about gambling, but there is SO MUCH MORE!  In fact, there was so much to do we didn’t see it all!


The Foxwoods Resort Casino has 4 hotels,  The Grand Pequot Tower, Great Cedar, Two Trees and The Fox Tower.  We stayed at the Fox Tower- right in the middle of all the action!  I have to say, the staff at Foxwoods made it all so very easy.  When we arrived at the hotel, the valet was ready to help us with our bags and take care of our car. Our stay included complimentary valet parking. It was wonderful to just step out at the front door and step into our little getaway!   Since my daughter was anxious to head over to the theater to meet her friends, I let her go on ahead while my son and I checked in.  We were early, but we were able to check in and leave our bags with the bellman.  They told us to explore and enjoy, and they’d call us when our room was ready.  So we did!   It was love at first sight, really, walking into the gorgeous lobby.

Fowwoods Lobby

It just got better!  Aedan and I decided to walk around for a bit.  We walked into  the casino hall and it was instant excitement!   Entering from the hotel lobby you walked into a big room that I thought was the casino- I was wrong, it was just ONE of the casinos at Foxwoods!  A  friend who lives near the casino and who visits often gave me a hint: get a Foxwoods Rewards card,  so I set off first thing to get one. It was quick and easy- just needed my license and a few minutes later I had a rewards card- and a $5 slot credit!   Aedan and I walked around for a bit, then the lure of the slot machine was so strong I asked him if he minded if I popped in to use the credit. We found a machine right on the side, where he could stand next to me as I tried out the game. It was FAR different than I thought it would be. In my head, I had to put in a quarter, and pull a lever.  In reality, it was very different. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but with some help from a friendly gamer sitting next to me, I figured it out and I won!  I won about $28!  slots.jpg

I cashed out, and Aedan I resumed exploring.  I honestly wondered what I was going to do with a 13 year old boy all day at the casino while waiting on his sister, but I was pleasantly surprised. There is so much to see!  We started checking out the shops. There were so many shops around! It was almost like being in a mall. Since my boy is a shopper, he was ok with checking out all the neat stuff. He did mention that there weren’t many shops that catered to guys, but we still had a great time window shopping.   We found out that Foxwoods Resort Casino will be opening up a Tanger Outlets this year.  I love outlet shopping, and I think it will add so much to the casino!


As we were exploring, I had a phone call from the front desk letting me know our room was ready.   We went back to the lobby to get our keys and our luggage.We were in The Producer’s Suite, and BOY, was I impressed. ALL the way up top on the 30th floor, it had spectacular views.  The room was so lovely with 2 queen beds, a spacious desk and a lovely chaise that was set in front of one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen. Both of my children were mesmerized by the view.


I love the 2 comfortable beds and the lovely decor, but I was BLOWN AWAY by the bathroom!  You know you’re a tired Mom when you’re blown away by a bathroom. Not only was it SPOTLESS, but  there was the QUEEN OF ALL JETTED SOAKING TUBS.  There was a lovely shower, too, but OMG this tub.  Seriously?


From the moment I saw that tub, I started  planning on how I was going to soak in it with a nice glass of wine.  We checked out the rest of the room, including the comfy queen beds and the cable.  To be honest,  I had requested a non-smoking room and our room smelled of cigarette smoke, but I travel with a small diffuser and essential oils, so I was able to get rid of the smell.  And I was also surprised by the quality of the sheets, but I am a total sheet snob, and my kids were fine. Other than that, the room was wonderful! We stashed our luggage, and headed back out to the casino, and our walking tour. I had a secret plan for our walkabout.  What Aedan didn’t know, but I did, is that Foxwoods Resort Casino has an arcade!  I know my gaming boy would LOVE to hang out in a real arcade.  The thing is,  the first time I was looking for it, I walked right past it and we ended up walking all the way around the casino- and it was quite a long walk. It was great to see his face when he saw the arcade- and I promptly got him a gaming card and let him loose. Boy, he had a GREAT time! I went into the casino across from the arcade and checked out all the other games that people were playing.  Then I found a nice comfy seat on a bench outside the arcade until Aedan challenged me to a few games, and before I knew it, it was dinnertime! He beat me, fair and square, so he got to chose where we had dinner.  There are SO MANY places to choose from!


There are over 30 restaurants at Foxwoods Resort Casino.  I was really hoping to head to the buffet, as I love having so many choices, but Aedan had his eye on a special place- the Hard Rock Café.  We had a short wait for our seats so we walked around looking at the cool artifacts, and taking paparazzi shots  Once our table was ready, we had amazing burgers!


By the time we were done, we were exhausted and decided to head back to our room and wait for Ally to be done.  Ally came in all excited about the concert and talking about what great seats she had- 3rd row! and  how there really weren’t any bad seats in the theater.  I was so happy for her, but I was even happier to NOT be in the car for a 2 and 1/2 hour car ride home!  In fact, I was getting ready to order in some room service- dinner for Ally, dessert for Aedan and a glass of wine for me. I had a date with that lovely tub. It was everything I hoped for. The spa products that were in the bathroom were lovely, as well.  After a good nights sleep,  I woke to this view- how amazing is this?


We packed up and were ready to go when I realized that we were having such a great time exploring the casino, we never searched out the pool!  I know there is a FANTASTIC outdoor pool, which was closed, but there are also indoor pools.  I also was intrigued by the spa– (there are two!) there were some really great packages available that I’d love to take advantage of.

All in all, our stay at Foxwoods Resort Casino was excellent. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough to do in a casino with kids when in fact, there was so much to do I couldn’t fit it all in!  And with the never ending attractions and shows happening, I am sure another stay is in our future soon.


Disclosure:  My friends at Foxwoods  Resort Casino provided a room for us during our stay, but it did not sway my review and all opinions are my own.  This is a great hotel and resort.

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