First BlogHer and Favorite Brands

Sparklecorn12Now that I’ve had a moment to catch my breath and  THINK about all I learned at BlogHer12, I get to write a bit more than this little TEASE I wrote on Monday. there are a few people and brands that certainly  keep popping into my mind. Yes, Blogher12 was crowded and crazy and I missed most of the sessions I wanted to see because they were full but it was still amazing!  I used my time TALKING to people and learning- and holy crow- my BRAIN is STILL FULL of the awesomeness that I experienced!  Here are a few of my favorites:

BowFlex CoreBody Reformer

corebody reformer1I had a chance to attend a workout on this machine- The CoreBody Reformer  (@askcorebody) . HOLY COW!  I sweated my BUTT off and immediately fell in LOVE with it.  I wasn’t lucky enough to win one, but this machine totally had my heart pumping and I can see  hundreds of ways to be able to incorporate it into my regime. I loved interacting with the reps at HealthMinder Day and  loved that they all REALLY knew their equipment and were happy to have me pop off my shoes and try it out before my workout.   I just know that this machine will be part of my weight loss journey somehow.

Dole Foods

dolebananaI was already pretty much in love with Dole Foods (@dolefoods) interacting with them with Mamavation (Hey, they are a sponsor at FitCation  (@Fitcation) and I’m THRILLED to be hanging with the cool Dole peeps in a week ) but the Dole Banana at the expo hall pretty much sealed the deal. Actually, learning about so many of their products  cemented that THIS was a brand I wanted to be affiliated with.  I’m all about fresh and healthy foods and their reps had ALL the answers to my 1,000 question! AND I’m finding it funny that my last name is Del Monte- and I’m all loving on Dole!


wendytmobileI had a chance to visit the T-Mobile (@tmobile) suite at the Hilton, and I was so very glad I did!  It wasn’t the makeup artist who was SO much fun, (and totally ROCKED my makeup for the photo shoot, or the massage, which was SO needed and appreciated, or even the cute and funny photographer who snapped a cute lil’ pic of me, but ALL the info they had to offer. Our cell contract is up  in October, and I’ve been checking out ALL my options since I am finding I am using my phone more and more for my blogging and social media work and I want one that ROCKS.  I checked out all the  phone sponsors at BlogHer, and T-Mobile  seems to answer each and every one of my wants and needs. Oh, how I am lusting after that Galaxy III. In particular I love the family calendar plan, and the family locator.

Centrum and Caltrate


One my my FAVORITE things of all at BlogHer12, and a dream come true, I  was invited to attend the Centrum Kickin’ It with the Rockettes Workout- hosted by Pfizer, the makes of  Centrum and Caltrate.  For years I’ve attended The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, and was sad to have missed it lately.  I’ve always admired those dancers  and the ENDURANCE they had to have to dance 3 shows a day, 6 days a week! I’m sure they HAVE to take vitamins to keep up! I will admit that I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but I was and  I LOVED  learning parts of the “March of the Wooden Soldiers” dance.  Guess what dance will be in our family Virtual Christmas card this year?  I know that even eating as clean as I do, I miss out on some vitamins, so I will be  stocking up  on some to help me keep going!  Check out the video my friend Sherry Aiken made of our dancing!

Speaking of staying healthy, Zicam (@zicam)  totally helped me stay healthy and avoid Conference Crud. They provided me with a bottle of Zicam that I faithfully took and  my itchy eyes and sore throat never turned into anything else!

I was also impressed with Nurse Barb’s(@NurseBardDehn) tips at the Halo Oral Antiseptic (@halogermdefence)  booth and an excited to be trying out the spray this year.

Trumpeting Media hosted a R&R suite at The Four Seasons (@FSNewYork)  and had a chance to try some AWESOME green smoothies (wish I had stayed there!)  and I was excited to make a few great connections!  I have been wanting a FitBit (@fitbit) for a LONG time, but wasn’t sure if I needed on since I have a few other devices that would do some of the same things as FitBit, but I’ve discovered I NEED NEED NEED one for sure! From what I hear, and what I’ve learned, it will be instrumental in my weight loss journey!  It’s going on my birthday list, for sure!  I was excited to hear that I won a pair of House of Marley (@HouseofMarley ) earphones, which I can’t WAIT to receive and try out – I’m sure they will make my elliptical work at the gym MUCH more enjoyable!  Evologie (@EvologieSkin ) intrigued me with their skin care line- and as someone whose skin can become a problem at time, I’m always looking for  solutions to my skincare (and my kids’) skin care issues!

Speaking of SkinCare- I had the opportunity to speak with a dermatologist  at  RosaceaFacts  and learned a lot about Rosacea and it’s triggers and how to help them from happening. I even got to film a video about it that I’ll share with you later!

DigestdietAnd I was SO SUPER excited to have an opportunity to speak with Liz Vaccariello ,(@lizVac)  editor-in-chief Reader’s Digest (@readersdigest) and of author of The Digest Diet.  I’ve been hearing about this for a for awhile, and I am SO excited to be trying this out soon.  It looks to be all about what I’m about- eating clean, and whole foods.  In fact, I’ll be chronicling my experience with The Digest Diet in September, so check back in and see how I do and  my thoughts about it! Maybe you’ll even want to do it with me!

I was able to meet with so many people and places that I’m still processing and even though I was a little bit overwhelmed by BlogHer, I’m pretty sure I’ll be there again next year! I am so thankful to my sponsor, Mamavation, who is the driving force behind my weight journey of 10 sizes last year- the help, support and love of Leah and my Sista’s  were KEY in keeping me going.  Let’s face it, losing weight is hard,and having people around to support you all the time is so important.  Check out Mamavation and see how they can help you reach your goals!

Disclosure: I received  grocery bags, a tee shirt, some skin care items,  some lotions,  Zicam, Halo Antiseptic, and lots of advice. None of that  influenced my opinions – all are my own.


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