Finding the Strength

Today’s workout is the kind I’m most proud of.  I have a headache, the beginnings of a cold, PMS, allergies, and I’m so sore from my training session yesterday I can barely walk, and want to cry.

But I go up, breathed deeply, laced up my sneakers and went.  As much as I wanted to stay home  and rest, I want to be healthy MORE.  I want to keep the PROMISE I made to myself that I was committed and going to do this.   I had to remind myself:


I gave 100% at Spin this morning.  I stood the whole 4 minutes  for the standing climb and did all the jumps, and as the sweat (or was it tears?) trickled down my face, the breath whooshed out of my mouth (in through the nose, out of the mouth) and my legs trembled, I kept saying in my head:

You got this. You GOT this. YOU CAN DO IT!  15 seconds more,  10 seconds more…push, push..5 seconds….GO! GO! GO!


And I did it.

I wobbled my way down the stairs, and DAMN, forgot my keys, wobbled back UP the stairs, back down, went to the car and got my gym bag, to the locker room and stood under the warm shower forever until I felt like I wasn’t going to die.

I’m glad that I told my friend that I wasn’t going to Pilates.  There is a real difference between pushing yourself, and pushing too hard, and  I knew that it would be bad for me to go. Next time is just fine.

Even though I’m dreading getting up from my desk to limp to the 6couch to rest my weary legs (stupid kickboxing—stupid squats) and arms (stupid Kettlebells!) I know I’ll be doing that same workout tomorrow.  If I want results like I had yesterday (I’m still in AWE of 11 inches lost) I have to bring it and keep going.  And I will!

How have YOU  challenged yourself lately?

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