Entertaining while Eating Healthy

I wanted to be with our friends, and that normally means eating out.  That costs, not only in  money, but in my calories!   I decided if I wanted to be with my friends that I’d have to “run the show” and invite them over where I can  control the food. DSC_0053_3423 I invited  them over for a “potluck “ where I made a FABULOUS Vegetarian Chili that  is SOOO amazing you would NEVER know it was vegetarian if I hadn’t told you.  (I only squealed because  one of my guests I a vegetarian, and I wanted her to know it was safe).  I served it with  homemade cornbread and garnishes of  onion, cilantro, cheese, and Greek yogurt.   Everyone gobbled it up, including the kids!

Since it was a potluck, one of our friends made an awesome chili that was super spicy and delicious, as well, I’ll have to see if he’ll share that recipe with me.  I put out some veggies and dip, and hummus and pita, and  those who wanted to pick, did.

Dessert wasn’t a problem for me I had a small slice of a WONDERFUL cake that another friend made, and was satisfied with it.  AND….. it was pretty easy to not have any alcohol.  Normally when we get together, we have a few cocktails and  tonight was no exception, well, except for me!   I had seltzer with lime.  Since I’ve no longer been drinking soda, but only water, it was a treat!

I realized today that I had planned not only WHAT I was going to eat, but HOW MUCH, and  when. so I didn’t sit and munch that whole time, as I normally did. I spent most of my time enjoying my friends, and the food was an AFTERTHOUGHT. What a concept!

Two of the little girls put on a puppet show for us… it was adorable!


As part of Mamavation Monday, the question is:

Question: Where are you planning for your feet to take you before 2011 ends? Any races or training plans?

I’m hoping to get on ONE 5K this year, walking, before it gets cold. I did challenge myself and  walk one on my own, but I want a big and the whole shebang!  I also have a few hiking trails I’m looking forward to exploring this fall.

And, for the first time since THIS blog has started, I’ve receive a few compliments on my weight loss from local readers. It happened at  a charity event for a local boy, a food event- HIUGE potluck buffet –  where I loaded up on salad and some  roasted chicken, and bypassed all the pasta and bake sales. (I donated  money to the bake sale, but told them to keep the cookies).  One person came up to me and asked if I had found a healthy choice, and told me I looked good and basically showed support. WHOOHOO!

Now tomorrow I have either spin class, or maybe boot camp  to do with some gals from my TWIO team at the gym .  And then I have  a walk planned with another this week, too.

How was YOUR weekend?



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