At a recent doctors visit we were talking about  losing weight and  he suggested that the way to lose weight is 95% food, and only 5% exercise and the best  way to lose weight was eat differently- so I perked up to listen, then I was quickly horrified.  This doctor told us that in order to lose weight, we NEED to eat Light and Fit Yogurt.   I stopped him, and told him that I prefer to eat cleanly, and that we eat Greek yogurt with our own  natural sweetener and fruit- and he told me that  we really needed to eat Light and Fit instead. I swiftly told him that I wasn’t interested in his dietary advice, and then  I did a little experiment at home.

Light and Fit Strawberry Banana Yogurt- 6 Oz

light and fit


Chobani plain non-fat Greek yogurt w/ fresh strawberries and agave syrupchobaniyogurt

Chobani & fruit has a few more calories, a little bit more sodium and sugar, but a LOT more  potassium,and protein. Less carbs and cholesterol.   But that is not exactly why I buy  the Greek yogurt and take the time to  chop up my own fruit and  mix it all up with my own sweeteners and the like.

Take a look at the  ingredients! So….. milk, yogurt cultures, fruit, and agave or… a laundry list of stuff I can’t say,  additives and  not nearly enough cultures.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s a no brainer.  I’ll take the natural healthier yogurt with more nutrients with a paltry 31 more calories than the  chemically sweetened starch modified yogurt product.   Our goal is to be HEALTHIER, not just thinner. 31 calories of  good nutrition is very welcome especially the extra protein!

What do you feel is most important?  Low calorie or high nutrition?


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