Donate Stuff – Create Jobs at Goodwill


I try to save money whenever and wherever I can. I don’t believe in spending a ton for things that I know won’t last forever, like clothes. This is why I tend to thrift shop whenever the opportunity arises. Home décor, dishes, furnishings, and especially clothes can all be found thrift store shopping.
One of the places I love to thrift is Goodwill. I know that my money is well spent whenever I buy clothes or other used items at Goodwill. How do I know this? Easy. Goodwill’s “Donate Stuff, Create Jobs” campaign aims to educate people on just how much spending and donating helps your community.
The process is simple, donate items that are in good repair, still work, or can still be worn, and every purchase made from donated items helps fund Goodwill’s job preparation programs. The programs are designed to help get the millions of unemployed or under-employed Americans back to work or able to get a leg up in the workforce.

The Goodwill job preparation programs don’t just help unemployed or the under-employed. They also assist people with disabilities and disadvantages find jobs. Job preparation programs include, onsite and virtual skills training, and job placement services. In 2015 Goodwill’s programs not only funded job training and placement programs but also other programs such as education assistance like English-language training, financial education, youth mentoring, access to childcare and transportation services. All of these programs help to get the people in your community and mine, back on their feet and back to work.
But how far can one donation go you might ask. Easy, Goodwill has a donation calculator app called Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calculator, a feature available within the Goodwill Locator App available for Android and iOS devices and at It’s an extremely useful tool that helps you know what your donation is worth. This may be especially useful at tax time.


When I think about the hundreds of thousands Goodwill’s “Donate Stuff, Create Jobs” campaigns helps, it makes thrift shopping and donating all that more enjoyable. In 2015 more than 312,000 people were able to find jobs. That breaks down to one person every 23 seconds being put to work every business day with the help of Goodwill’s job training programs.  It makes a difference to me that I am able to help others.

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