Diabetes Diaries

Yesterday I found out I have Type 2 Diabetes.  I was pretty pissed off. In fact, I was a mess of emotions.  I was sad, mad, frustrated, scared and annoyed.  What I wasn’t, really, was  surprised.  You see, many of my female relatives have had Diabetes. I’ve learned a lot about Diabetes from my Dad, who is insulin dependent. To be honest, I expected to hear those words, “You have Diabetes” at some point in my life. Just not now.


It seemed as though it had all jumped on me suddenly.  I was away in Boston with the kids (for the One Direction concerts-they’re sweet, but not THAT sweet) and  I was drinking a TON of water. Like 12 or more bottles of water a day. Of course, with that, came constant peeing.  I complained a lot about my glasses being dirty, and taking them off to see. I was exhausted.  All to be expected when I was either surrounded by 30,000 screaming teen fans, or exploring Boston and walking a million miles with Aedan.

Except, there was a little niggle in the back of my mind that it wasn’t quite normal.

Here’s a few symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes:


I was experiencing many of these symptoms, some for a while, and I just wrote them off as something else. After still having some of the symptoms (and at the prodding of my mother-in-law- go Frani!) I made an appointment, and my doctor sent me for blood work. I knew it as soon as I got the phone call from an assistant asking me to make an appointment to “discuss my blood work” that I had diabetes. Once I saw my Doctor, it was confirmed.

My fasting sugar was 310, and my A1c was 10.6   It should be under 100 for the sugar, and A1c should be under 7.  I spent some time being upset, and posted a SOS on Facebook.  God Bless my friends, they reminded me I can handle anything, and I can. So, long story short, I met with my Doctor. She was amazing and told me that I wasn’t gonna die, I could still have a glass of wine on occasion and that I really could beat this.  I got a meter and lancets and strips (and how I saved incredible money that equipment will be shared later)  and pricked my finger this morning. 295.  I’m seeing it as a challenge to get myself in going again. I’ve had a very real wake up call, and I need to take care of myself now.  I revamped MyFitnessPal (friend me, I’m WendyDelmo) and I’m already loving how easy it makes tracking my sugars and carbs. I also am an EMeals blogger, and guess what? They offer a weekly Diabetic menu! That’s a HUGE weight off my shoulders, because I wasn’t sure what to eat!  I’m making a plan  to start moving again, even if it’s just walking for now. I made an appointment with a Diabetes Educator, so I can get even more guidance to help kick diabetes to the curb.

I am still scared and anxious about this whole thing. I will reach out for support when I need it- and I’m amassing a support group. Here’s the thing. Diabetes can be hereditary, and I want to show my kids how to beat it, and more importantly, how to stop it from happening to them, if they can.


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