Diabetes Check up

Today I had my 6 month Diabetes Check up.  How did I do?  Watch and see!

I ROCKED IT!  Since September, I have lowered my A1c from 10.9 to 5.9!

That’s freaking phenomenal!

I went from fasting blood sugar  339 to 121, and not only that, but I lost 19 pounds as well!


I also lowered my blood pressure, my bad cholesterol went down, my good cholesterol went up, and I’m pretty much doing a great job!

Phew!   I’ll be honest, I was worried about this appointment. I thought I needed to lose more weight, make more HUGE changes in my life to get to where I need to be.  I knew that I wasn’t going at 100%, but I also knew I had decided to  do with the What You Can, When You Can lifestyle. Like, it snowed 4 feet and I can’t get out to walk?  Ok, shovel what I can, and be ok with it!  I finally get a night out with friends at a burger joint? I’m getting a burger and fries, but I eat 1/2 the fries and 1/2 the bun.  REALLY WANT A DAMN COOKIE?  Have a bite, then be  done.

Truth? I can work harder.  I know that my medication, a low dose of  Metformin has helped a lot, but my goal is next check out to reduce my A1c even more, and then reduce my medications.  Just think, if I work hard I can  get to a place where my numbers will be perfect, without meds.

Today, I have something to say!


I was really scared of Diabetes and what it could do to my health. I know what it’s done to so many people in my family, and how it’s affected them. I’m proud that I decided to take charge of it and I change what I can, when I can.

I freakin’ rocked today.

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